I-40/440 Construction Zone sees Accident Increase

The I-40 construction zone in Wake County is leading to a spike in auto accidents in the area, mainly due to drivers ignoring the posted speed limits and failing to exercise extra caution in the work zone, according to ABC 11 News. The North Carolina Department of Transportation is repaving and widening that section of interstate, and as a result, a few factors make the work zone a little more hazardous.

A lower speed limit is posted to protect road workers and to help drivers accommodate the hazards of the construction zone, namely:

  • No shoulder
  • Narrow lanes
  • Rough surface

But on this busy thoroughfare near Raleigh, ABC 11 News and others mentioned in the news article have seen drivers disregarding the posted speed limit. The ABC 11 reporter even witnessed first-hand a driver text messaging as he traveled through the work zone.

The spike in accidents is significant. Though it’s difficult to say with certainty that the accidents in the area are all related to the construction zone, ABC 11 News says that since August 26, in the area from Lake Wheeler Road to US 1, there’s an average of 1 wreck per day in the eastbound lane and an average of 1 wreck every two days in the westbound lane.

So far – and let’s hope this trend continues – there haven’t been any severe injuries or deaths as a result of accidents in the area. Although last week an accident injured a Department of Transportation worker, and another accident sent a driver to the hospital. With the lack of shoulder, any accidents in the area tend to back up traffic for hours.

Please remember to obey posted speed limits and keep your eyes on the road. Though it may not seem like it, the changes to normal conditions that
occur in a construction zone can have a significant impact on the safety of the area. Tailgating, texting and speeding are just a few of the factors that can lead to a very serious, and potentially deadly, car accident in a work zone.

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