“It Can Wait” Highlights Human Impact of Distracted Driving

Anyone is capable of the momentary distraction that can lead to a deadly accident, even a loving, dutiful mother. That’s one of the things you could take away from AT&T’s new video that is part of their It Can Wait campaign. AT&T is urging drivers to pledge to keep their eyes on the road, not on their phones.

The accident lawyers at Ricci Law Firm Injury Lawyers know full well that lives can be changed in the instant it takes for an accident to occur. We have witnessed the aftermath firsthand. In the mere seconds it takes you to glance at your screen, what you aren’t paying attention to on the road can cause you to become involved in a catastrophic accident. Please take a few minutes to watch AT&T’s video:

AT&T is going the extra mile to not only talk the talk, but to give drivers actual options for avoiding distracted driving. At www.itcanwait.com, with the click of a button you can pledge to keep your eyes on the road. They are also offering several apps, including AT&T DriveMode®. This app silences message beeps and sounds so that you aren’t tempted to check your phone. It also sends an auto-reply to the person trying to contact you, so they know you can’t respond at the moment. According to AT&T, 4 in 10 people social network while they drive. Do your part to prevent distracted driving accidents.

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