NCDOT Proposes New Rules for Drivers and Cyclists

The North Carolina Department of Transportation is proposing new bicycle regulations that will affect cyclists and motorists alike. State legislators are considering these NCDOT proposals that could become statewide laws in 2016, according to FOX 8.

Cycling on the roads and highways – widely popular as a hobby, sport and a form of daily commute in North Carolina – causes an average of 19 deaths and over 600 injuries each year in NC bicycle-involved auto accidents, according to the News Observer.

Here’s a summary of some of the NCDOT recommendations:

  • Allowing an exception for motorists to cross a double yellow line when they are passing a cyclist in their lane (currently unlawful)
  • Requiring motorists to provide 4 feet between their vehicle and the cyclist when passing (the current law requires 2 feet)
  • Prohibiting cyclists from riding more than 2 cyclists abreast
  • Requiring cyclists to obtain a permit for riding in large groups (30 or more cyclists)
  • Requiring cyclists to ride only in the right lane
  • Requiring night-cyclists to use a red light in the rear of the bicycle and to wear reflective clothing

The State legislature has requested this review of North Carolina’s bicycle safety issues and will be considering the recommendations in 2016.

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