As someone with a total and permanent disability, you are probably eligible to have your Federal student loans discharged, meaning you will no longer need to pay them. Unfortunately, many Americans living with serious disabilities do not know they may be eligible for this loan forgiveness. For that reason, the US Department of Education has announced a program to identify student loan borrowers with total and permanent disabilities, so that they can contact them and inform them of their eligibility.

Hundreds of Thousands of People At-Risk of Offset SSDI Benefits

The Treasury Offset Program (TOP) allows the Federal government to offset any Federal benefits you receive in the event you should default on student loans or any other debts owed to the government. Therefore, through TOP, your Social Security Disability payments could be offset in the event of a Federal student loan default, but such a situation is prevented through the Higher Education Act, which allows loan discharge for people with total and permanent disabilities.

Regardless, it has been determined that many people are slipping through the cracks, not realizing they are eligible for loan discharges. As a result, the Department of Education is working with the Social Security Administration to find people with Federal student loan debt and who are disabled in this way.

Process Will Make It Easier to Have The Loan Discharge to Which You are Entitled

Starting April 18, customized letters from the government will be sent to those who qualify, informing people of eligibility for loan discharge and what to do next.

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