Bicycle Safety Month 2017

We all understand the benefits of bicycling, right? Riding a bicycle is one of the best ways of saving money on gas, sightseeing, keeping your body in shape, and reducing the carbon footprint that causes environmental pollution. Notwithstanding these benefits, bicycling comes with the risk of potential accidents that in some extreme cases could be fatal. That’s why the importance of Bicycle Safety Month 2017 cannot be overemphasized, as we all want to live to ride another day!

Bicycle Accidents in Greenville and Surrounding Regions

Based on the most recent statistics (the year 2015), there were about 23 accidents in Greenville, NC involving bicycles. With only 21 injuries and no fatalities recorded in that year, it means Greenville is generally a safe town for bicycling. However, despite the lower risk of fatal bike accidents, being injured in Greenville is very likely. In contrast, Pitt County recorded a total of 32 bike fatalities during the same year. This means that bicycling in this county is quite risky. The statistics depict the urgent need to take adequate precautionary measures to promote bicycle safety.

What Are Some of the Injuries Associated with Bicycle Accidents?

Accidents involving a bicycle alone tend to result in less severe injuries, such as skin abrasions and mild bruising. For accidents involving adults or kids without helmets, a fractured skull and concussions are possible. However, injuries are often severe if the accident involves a bicycle and a car. This is because the bicycle rider has no adequate protection to withstand the forces resulting from the collision or the momentum of the car.

Some of these injuries may include the following:

Facial lacerations – These can end up causing permanent visible scars.

Spinal cord injuries – most car and bicycle accidents are associated with increased risk of the rider being paralyzed.

Traumatic brain injuries – some of these injuries resolve with time, but in most cases the situation is so dire and recovery may not be possible.

Soft tissue damage – if your ligaments are torn or stretched during an accident, it means you’ll have to rest in bed for a long time before you fully recover.

Broken bones – if this happens, it requires at least 3 months in a cast for the person to heal. This can be a painful experience because of lost days at work or school.

Let’s Minimize Injuries this Bicycle Safety Month 2017

When bicycling on Greenville and Pitt County’s pathways and roads, it is better to observe safety measures than be sorry afterward. While the Greenway is the most recommended option for bikers, sometimes riding longer distances will oblige them to put themselves on the roadways against motor vehicles. This is not an offense, but it requires extra safety measures, such as always wearing protective gear that can absorb the impact of a collision in case an accident happens.

As we celebrate this Bicycle Safety Month 2017, let’s review the following safety measures:

  • Use extra care at intersections and always use hand signals to indicate that you’re turning
  • Never hitch onto cars
  • Familiarize or refamiliarize yourself with traffic laws
  • Understand your bike’s capabilities before going on the roadways
  • Make sure your bike has a bell or a horn and a rear-view mirror
  • Install a bright headlight on your bicycle
  • Try riding during the day. If you must cycle at night, always wear bright, reflective clothing
  • Equip your bike with reflectors on the front, rear, spokes and pedals
  • Wear a properly fitted helmet at all times to protect your head from a fatal injury

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