Knee Injuries Due to Job Related Accidents in Pitt County NC

I’m Brian Ricci, a workers’ compensation attorney serving Greenville and the rest of North Carolina. Has a knee injury been keeping you out of work and from the activities you love most? Sitting, standing, running, jumping, walking… your knees are involved and can become vulnerable to potential workplace injuries.

We often think of knee injuries usually being associated with professions such as
factory workers,
construction workers and
warehouse employees, but can happen to anyone in any type of profession.

Many of us are so busy on the job we force activity just so we can keep going. But when an injury occurs, it can stop us in our tracks. Whether you’ve suffered from a workplace knee injury or are nursing an old injury that has resulted in knee pain, you may be eligible for workers’ compensation.

Knee injury, knee pain and chronic knee pain is common in the workplace

Our knees take a lot of wear and tear in our daily lives and in the workplace resulting in knee pain. Old knee injuries that were never attended to may have partially healed over time, but often lead to long term chronic knee pain. On the other hand, many of us are walking around with chronic knee pain that could be due to a knee injury that was sustained in the workplace that we are unaware off. Regardless of the cause, knee pain and knee injuries not only keep us from daily activities, but could lead to potential further injury if ignored.

Falls causing knee injuries most common to the workplace

Falls are one of the leading causes of workplace knee injuries resulting in knee pain. When a fall occurs, our anatomy can become crushed, dislocated

Common knee injuries

Patella and meniscus tear

Beneath the meniscus is our patella- these two structures make up the knee cap. Damage to the knee cap can lead to a tear or shearing in the meniscus causing moderate to severe knee pain. Many people have experienced workplace injuries and are walking around with pain unaware that a meniscus tear has taken place. Falls can also directly crack the patella causing knee damage that results in the inability to work.

Tendonitis and ligaments

Tendonitis can set in because of an injury that was left untreated or as a result of a knee injury in general. Tendonitis of the knee is inflammation to the tendons, particularly those that surround and support the knee. Along with tendonitis is inflammation to the ligaments. Ligaments and tendons work together to support and protect the knee. A damaged ligament can keep you from being able to work at all and often requires surgery when a tear has taken place. Types of ligament injuries include anterior, medial or lateral cruciate. Workers’ compensation can help you obtain the care you will require to reduce this inflammation so your knee can heal.

Other knee injuries common to the workplace

Heavy lifting, banging knees against equipment and being struck from the side into the knee are other causes of knee injuries that often take place on the job in addition to falling incidents.

Another knee injury that can occur from overuse of the quadriceps is Osgood-Schlatter disease. This painful bump that forms below the knee in front of the shinbone increases knee pain with activity. This issue puts pressure on the tendon in the patella- another contributing factor to tendonitis. Many people who are new to construction work may develop this because of pushing their workload too quickly.

If you experience knee pain in Greenville, NC it is time to get it checked out.

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