Lyft and Uber Accidents in North Carolina

I’m Brian Ricci, a Greenville auto accident attorney. At our personal injury law firm, we work with many victims of car accidents. In most cases, they do not have the money set aside to deal with all of the medical bills and lost wages. Nobody plans on getting hurt. This is why they must get advice from an experienced attorney on how to request compensation for their injuries.

Forcing the other party to pay for damages is never easy. After all, we have to first establish their negligence. However, when the victim is hurt in an accident involving a rideshare company such as Lyft or Uber, things are even more difficult here in Greenville, North Carolina, as well as elsewhere in Pitt County.

Driver Negligence vs. Passenger Negligence

After an auto accident, one of the first things we do is assess blame.

Driver Negligence:

To be held liable, it must be proven that the driver had a duty to protect the victim. This duty is not too difficult to establish given every motorist accepts responsibility when they get behind the wheel.

More difficult to prove: the driver’s actions were the direct cause of the accident and the harm done to the victim. Experienced attorneys assess the situation and link the accident to the injuries listed in the medical report.

Passenger Negligence:

In North Carolina, passengers who play a role in causing the accident or their own injuries cannot recover damages from the driver. Lawyers refer to this as contributory negligence.

Insurance Problems

Problems abound even if the victim and his or her lawyer are able to prove driver negligence and the lack of passenger contributory negligence. Unlike commercial taxis, municipal buses, and other public modes of transportation, Lyft and Uber employ private contractors. Drivers are considered freelance employees and are not directly employed by the rideshare companies. This begs the question: Whose insurance coverage will pay for damages that ensue?

Lyft and Uber have comprehensive insurance coverage totaling millions of dollars. Yet, the company may claim the driver, if at fault, should be held liable for all harm done. In fact, driver liability for certain accidents might be part of the freelance employment contract. Victims can find it hard to collect money for damages from a driver with inadequate insurance coverage.

Commercial-Use Exemptions in North Carolina

Lyft and Uber drivers who have decent personal liability insurance may still be unable to pay. It is common for insurance companies to have exemptions against paying for accidents that occur when the vehicle was used for commercial purposes.

Representation for Car Accident Victims in Greenville & Pitt County

As seen here, Lyft and Uber accidents prove problematic for all individuals involved. An experienced personal injury lawyer can assess the situation and, if need be, find a way to clearly connect driver actions to the rideshare company. Doing so can help ensure the injured party gets the justice they deserve.

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