NC Industrial Commission

If you’ve ever gotten hurt on the job, then you’ve heard of the NC Industrial Commission. They are the ones in charge of your workers’ compensation claim. But what else are they in charge of? What else do they do besides work out workers’ comp payments? They are not just the face of worker’s compensation.

They also preside over death benefits for first responders. This Commission is very important for the families of these first responders.

This is especially true when that first responder gets hurt on the job while doing their duty. The Commission is in charge of adjudicating those claims.

There are many other things the Commission does. There is more to the Commission than meets the eye. Let’s take a deeper look at what else they do.

“Located in Raleigh”

Raleigh is the headquarters for the NC Industrial Commission. The government considers the Commission a state agency. The Governor nominates six commissioners who are then confirmed by the
General Assembly. You also have the Chairman, the Executive Secretary, and the deputy commissioner.

“The Chairman of the Commission”

The Governor designates one member of the Commission to serve as the Chairman. This Chairman services as the agency’s chief executive officer. This person also acts as the chief judicial officer and selects deputy commissioners. He or she selects the Executive Secretary of the Commission as well. They operate under the Workers’ Comp Act as well as its own administrative rules.

“Act Administration”

The Commission presides over the NC Workers’ Compensation Act and the Tort Claims Act. They administer the Police Officers’, Firemen’s, Rescue Squads’, and Civil Air Patrol Members’ Death Benefits Act. They administer the Childhood Vaccine-Related Injury Compensation Program. They also provide compensation to people wrongly convicted of felonies.