3 of The Most Common Causes of Accidents With a Logging Truck

An accident with a logging truck can cause serious damage to your vehicle and can even lead to you getting dangerous injuries. Let’s take a closer look at three common causes of accidents with a logging truck.

1. The improper loading of the logging truck.

There have been accidents caused by a logging truck having too much weighing it down. Because it has so much material on the bed of the truck itself, braking suddenly can cause the material to fall off the truck. Even if the trucker is able to come to a proper stop behind the cause of the braking without hitting someone, the material falling off can cause a hazard.

This hazard can cause an accident behind the truck without the trucker being any the wiser about the accident. The engine of the truck itself can prevent a lot of noise from being heard by the driver of the truck itself. Because of that, they may not be aware of anything falling off of their truck. The logs falling off can cause quite a bit of damage if precautions aren’t taken.

2. Recklessly driving near the truck.

Another common reason for accidents with a logging truck is driving recklessly around that truck. If you brake suddenly and come to a stop, the logging truck does not have enough time to come to a safe stop. Because of that, an accident will happen and it could have catastrophic consequences for all drivers involved. Their brakes need a longer amount of time to come into effect to bring the truck to a safe and complete stop.

If you do not give the driver that period of time, the truck cannot stop in time to prevent an accident. This accident could cause the logs to slide out of the truck if they are not properly fastened to the bed of the truck, which causes further accidents around the truck itself. The logs could injure the people inside the vehicles around the truck, not to mention totaling the vehicle itself.

3. Flat tires on the logging truck.

There are many things that can cause a flat tire on any vehicle. It is worse if the flat tire is on a moving logging truck. Sometimes they do not have time to move over to the side of the road before the flat tire makes an impact large enough to stop them in the roadway. This is even worse if it is on an interstate, which can cause a traffic jam miles long if it’s during rush hour traffic.

If you don’t see the logging truck stopped in the road quickly enough, this can cause an accident. This accident can cause significant damage to your vehicle. The logs in the bed of the truck itself can cause damage to your vehicle and could even impale the windshield. Impaling the windshield can cause you to become injured if the accident itself did not cause injuries to your person.

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