4 Reasons You Should Be a Defensive Driver Around Logging Trucks

Let’s take a look at why you should be a defensive driver while logging trucks are sharing the roadway with you.

1. If you cannot see them in their side-view mirror, they cannot see you.

This is a common reason you might find yourself in a wreck with a logging truck. There is a good chance that the driver won’t be able to see you if you can’t see them. This leads to a higher chance of them either cutting you off while changing lanes or hitting your vehicle while doing the lane change. Because of this, your vehicle could sustain massive damage and could lead to you becoming injured in the accident. One of the best ways to avoid this is to make sure you stay in the line of sight of the driver. You could also pass them on the roadway while maintaining the speed limit safely. This will make sure that the driver now sees you in front of them if you remain in the other lane.

2. Do not cut a truck driver off – this could lead to a wreck.

When you are changing lanes in front of a logging truck, make sure not to cut them off. It is better to give them
more room than you would a smaller vehicle. Their brakes do not work as quickly as your brakes do so braking suddenly would cause a wreck between you and the truck driver. This could lead to injuries that could endanger your life. That is why you must become a defensive driver when it comes to logging trucks. Give them the distance of two cars when traveling behind them as well to make sure you do not hit the truck if they are forced to brake suddenly.

3. Putting on the brakes suddenly does not give the trucker enough time to stop.

When you activate your brakes suddenly, this does not give the trucker enough time to properly slow down behind you. Because of that, you will have a wreck that could cause quite a bit of damage to your vehicle. When being a defensive driver, make sure to give the truck plenty of time to come to a complete stop behind you. Put on your brakes gradually to come to a slow and safe stop in front of the truck so they have enough time to put on their brakes as well without causing a wreck. They want to uphold safety as much as you would in your own vehicle so being a defensive driver can give them that courtesy.

4. A wreck with a trucker could more than likely total your vehicle.

The logging truck is a much bigger vehicle than your own. The logs over top of the truck can add to the damage factor when getting into a wreck. They are tied down by the driver before leaving for their destination but the logs could come loose in the event of a wreck. When you get into a wreck with a logging truck, your vehicle is most likely going to be totaled. This can put quite a bit of financial strain on you even if you weren’t at fault for the wreck. You can prevent this from happening by giving the trucker plenty of space on the roadway, not cutting them off, and not braking suddenly.

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