Crash Rates Continue to Plague Greenville City Streets

Greenville has been rated as one of the top cities for accidents to occur for the second year in a row, according to a report filed by the North Carolina Department of Transportation. We have ranked in the top ten of this report in several categories, including non-fatal injuries, overall wreck rate, and fatal accidents. The Greenville Police Department has formed a task force with other public officials to solve this issue once and for all. Let’s take a look at how Greenville is so dangerous for drivers and what city officials are doing to solve the problem.

The numbers

Greenville has been ranked as one of the top cities for vehicular accidents for the second year in a row. The NC Department of Transportation issued a report on accidents in cities with over 10,000 people living there. It showed that there were almost 15,000 crashes within the city limits between 2015 and 2017. Almost 4,000 of them resulted in injuries for the people involved in the wreck.

There were 29 accidents with a fatality involved during this 2-year period. This report consisted of 13 categories that include total accidents, total amount of non-fatal injuries, and total fatalities. Other categories include annual wrecks per 1000 people, total damage to property, and the average cost of the wreck itself. Greenville ranked first in the rate for non-fatal injuries, they ranked sixth in the overall wreck rate, seventh in fatal accidents, and ninth in the overall cost of the accident.

What we’re doing about it

The Greenville Police Department is aware of the idea that they can’t just do their fair share of traffic enforcement and expect the problems to disappear. They think of it taking a group effort to see what others can bring to the table as being the most effective. In fact, a task force is working hard to send out police officers quicker and using other tactics to make Greenville a safer place for its citizens.

This task force includes members from the local Greenville police department, NCDOT, the Greenville Public Works, East Carolina University, Vidant Health, and other agencies. According to Lt. Mike Montanye of the Greenville police department, the task force has met twice since it was formed in June. The goal of this task force is to reduce the amount of wrecks along with the amount of injuries that result from the wreck.

Having a task force of law enforcement officials will help speed along safety initiatives and strengthen accountability among the law enforcement agencies involved. The biggest problem areas in Greenville are Greenville Boulevard and Evans Street, Charles Boulevard and Fire Tower Road, and Arlington Boulevard and Fire Tower Road. Lt. Montanye has increased police patrols in these areas along with making sure that police officers are more strictly enforcing traffic laws in these areas.

The Greenville Police Department has also installed red light cameras for these intersections in November 2017 to reduce red light infractions that cause a lot of the wrecks. The cameras have resulted in over 11,000 tickets since they were installed. The people of Greenville know where the problem areas are that the task force is trying to address. They ask that we all keep an extra-vigilant eye out while driving in these areas, so we can prevent an accident.

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