Does It Matter That No One Got A Ticket For The Accident?

Being in an accident is a traumatic event that we wouldn’t want to wish on others. It causes shock even for the best of us. Sometimes we even get hurt because of these accidents in spite of the best efforts of our vehicle protecting us. The officer investigating the accident makes sure you are checked out by a medical professional before going any further. The part that shocks you the most from this accident is the fact that you nor the other driver got a ticket for being at fault for the accident. What does this mean for your claims process as you recover? Let’s take a look at answering that question, shall we?

Why was no ticket given?

More than likely, the reason for neither of you getting a ticket may surprise you. It’s quite simple: the officer doesn’t have enough information at the scene to determine 100% who is at fault for the accident while on the scene itself.

He or she did not see the accident when it happened and was only called to the scene after the fact. The officer will have to do some investigation to determine who is at fault, which is why no ticket is given. They may also decide that there is no traffic violation that caused the wreck, which is why you weren’t given a ticket.

What can my lawyer do to establish who is at fault?

While the ticket can help establish who is at fault for the accident, this isn’t the only way to establish who contributed to it. The lawyer, who is experienced in figuring out the answers to this question, will have other ways to determine where the fault lies. They have had quite a few other cases just like yours and will be able to determine a course of action to take so you can get the money you deserve.

They will talk to any and all witnesses to the accident, make sure the insurance claims process is going smoothly, and may speak with the officer who worked the wreck to get more details. The accident report you were given will have an explanation the officer received from both drivers in the accident. This report also helps both the police officer and your lawyer determine who is at fault for the accident.

What does this do for my claims process?

Being in an accident is hard enough but it is so much worse if you are injured because of that accident. It can be difficult to lose the wages you deserve while you are recuperating in the hospital. Your lawyer will make sure the process is running smoothly so you will not have to worry about that stress while recovering.

The lawyer will help you handle the parts of the insurance process that requires your cooperation. While the ticket is a great way to figure out who is at fault, it isn’t the only way. Another thing that can help to determine the person at fault for the wreck is the damage to your vehicle. It can tell the officer and your lawyer who hit the other driver first. That is how they figure out who is at fault for the accident so they can take the next steps.

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