Red Light Cameras and Their Use in Wreck Cases

You are driving to a party for a friend of yours when you get into a wreck. You do not see the red light camera above your head as you speak to the police officer about the wreck.

You tell them about the other driver running a red light, causing them to side-swipe you in the intersection as you drive through it. The police officer accesses the traffic camera in question to find out the truth of the matter since the other driver is telling a completely different story.

The police officer finds out that you are the one telling the truth. Because of this, the other driver gets a ticket in the mail.

You wonder how the police officer got this information so you decide to do some research of your own. Let’s take a deeper look into traffic cameras and how they make traffic that much safer.

What is a red light camera?

A red light camera is short for a “red light running camera” and is a type of traffic enforcement camera that captures an image of any vehicles entering an intersection in a red-light. This camera automatically takes these photos, which helps the authorities in enforcement of their traffic laws.

The camera is typically triggered when a vehicle enters an intersection after the traffic light turns red. Law enforcement officials will review the photos taken and determine whether a violation occurred.

If a violation occurred, the citation will be mailed to the person who owns the vehicle who was determined to be violating the law.

If identification cannot be properly made as to who owns the violating vehicle, the police may send out a notice of violation to the person they think may own the vehicle. The notice will ask for identifying information so they can confirm the identity of the vehicle’s owner.

How does the camera work?

These cameras are usually installed in metal boxes that protect it; these boxes are attached to poles in the intersection. These intersections are chosen due to a high amount of vehicular accidents and/or cases of people running red lights.

The camera measures a vehicle’s speed once triggered and uses this measured speed to identify whether the vehicle could stop before entering the intersection. Once this information is captured, the camera will take two photos of the event.

The first picture taken shows the vehicle entering the intersection with the light showing as red. The second picture taken shows the vehicle in the intersection a few seconds after the first photo is taken.

How wide-spread is their use?

Red light camera usage is widespread in quite a few countries worldwide. Since the early 1990s, these cameras have been used in the United States in 26 states and the District of Columbia. Major cities, such as Raleigh, use red-light cameras.

There is a state law in Florida, called the Mark Wandall Traffic Safety Act, that came into effect after a man who was killed by someone who ran a red light. This act standardizes driver fines and allows the use of red-light cameras.

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