1 Dead, 2 Injured in Construction Accident in Raleigh

There was an accident at a site near Old Wake Forest Road in Raleigh last week that left 1 dead and 2 hospitalized. It happened at 11:15 am and appears to be caused by dirt collapsing during a digging operation, according to an investigation by the NC Department of Labor, the agency investigating the incident.

The body of a construction worker was recovered later Tuesday afternoon (1/22). According to documents obtained from the City of Raleigh, the accident was on the construction site for The Piedmont Raleigh Apartments on Triangle Town Boulevard. The employee who died on the scene of the accident was hired by Vertical Walls Inc., according to Harold K. Jordan & Company, who is in charge of the construction project.

Vertical Walls was preparing an area where a retaining wall was going to be built for a pond used to retain storm water when the accident occurred. An EMS worker who responded to the accident said that the other employees on-site were understandably upset. Wake County EMS is working with them tirelessly to ensure they have everything they need in the wake of the accident.

The name of the deceased victim has not been released at this time. OSHA had visited the site back in November 2018 to make sure the site was compliant with typical standards. According to the NC Department of Labor, the construction industry is the most hazardous in the state. There were 16 construction-related deaths in 2017 alone.

1 Dead in Fall from High-Rise Building in Charlotte

There was another construction accident in 2018 that occurred in Charlotte involving a masonry employee. On May 23, 2018, a masonry worker was helping to move a pallet jack from a buck hoist on the 19th floor of a building. While moving the pallet jack, the hoist suddenly moved and the masonry worker lost his balance.  He fell forward with his upper body hanging over the front of the hoist. He was then caught between the floor of the 20th floor and the hoist itself. He remained there momentarily before falling to the ground. This fall ultimately killed him. This employee worked for GTO Masonry & Stone, Inc. The company is based in Charlotte and their employees are not a part of a trade union.

1 dead from Being Hit in the Face with a Flange in Raleigh

There was a construction accident in Raleigh in January 2017 that involved an employee of Quate Industrial Service, Inc. This employee was tasked with removing what is called a “Victaulic Blind Flange” from a chiller that was held in place with a split collar. This machine had been idle for several months with all the electrical connections removed or locked out.

This employee was beginning to loosen the bolts with a crescent wrench when a co-worker said he would get a socket wrench for him. The employee tried to use the socket wrench on a retaining bolt but the flange blew off and struck him in the face. He was transported to the hospital and died the evening of January 25, 2017.

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