5 Deadly Myths About Accidents with Logging Trucks

Having an accident is bad enough. Getting into an accident with a logging truck can be so much worse. Let’s take a closer look at the myths you believe about logging trucks that could cause more injuries for you, if not worse.

1. Representing yourself in court is a good idea.

Not having a lawyer experienced in logging truck accidents can be a major cause of doom for your case in court. You might know the proper order of the process for lawsuit cases, which means paperwork won’t get done. This means you could lose out on the money you deserve after winning the case, or even risk the case getting thrown out. If you don’t hire an experienced lawyer in the industry, there are things that won’t happen because you won’t know they need to happen. There is also a chance you could get laughed at in the court-house. Hiring a lawyer experienced in cases just like yours can prevent these things from happening.

2. Truck drivers get the same amount of sleep we do.

The truth is, the cause of accidents with logging trucks is a lack of sleep more often than not. These truck drivers have deadlines to get to their destination and they can be pressured to get to the destination by that certain time. Because of that, the truck drivers might not get as much sleep as they need. This means that the driver may very well fall asleep behind the wheel, meaning they are much more likely to get into an accident. This can cause you quite a bit of financial trouble and can give you a lot of injuries in the process.

3. It’s easier to prove fault in your case.

Some people believe the black box in the logging truck will make it easier to prove fault for the accident itself. The truth is, this is not the case. You will need to be quite aggressive to get the data, which might mean more time to get the case through the proper channels. The black box can provide valuable information toward providing the answer of who is at fault, but that is not the case for multiple-vehicle wrecks with a logging truck. That’s because this type of issue is never a black-and-white problem. You would do yourself some good to get corroborating information, such as gas receipts, time stamps of where you were, and other items to help prove your case.

4. Speed is automatically a factor in the cause of the accident.

This myth is also not always the case. Truck drivers drive at a speed lower than the limit because it takes them longer to slow down. Because of their reduced speed, especially when slowing down, speed is not always a factor. Accidents with reduced speed can also cause a lot of damage, both to your car and to your person. It’s always a good idea to make sure you do not cut them off. Slamming on the brakes does not stop the truck as quickly as it would your vehicle. This, in turn, causes an accident.

5. You don’t need medical attention immediately.

This is a myth that could very well cost you your life. Injuries you sustain in the accident could be a lot worse than you think. It is always a good idea to get a medical professional to check over your injuries, even if you believe you are okay. You could have internal bleeding or internal organ damage from the accident itself. Not getting checked by medical professionals as soon as possible could cost you dearly.

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