Can I Get Workers’ Comp for a Brain Injury?

Getting hit on the head at work can be stressful enough on its own. You are now dealing with a headache on top of your co-workers looking at you with concern. You let your supervisor know about the injury but forget about it soon enough. When you get home, however, you can barely stand up without weaving in place. Your words are slurred, and it looks almost like you’re drunk. You lose consciousness right after yelling to your spouse for help.

When you wake up, a doctor tells you that you had a bleed on your brain from the injury at work. You are now even more stressed because you don’t know what to do next. Your spouse suggests getting workers’ comp since you’ll be bedridden for a few days. You aren’t sure what the process looks like, so you decide to hire an attorney to help you. Let’s take a look at what the process looks like, so you’ll know what to expect.

Types of Injuries that Cause the Brain to Bleed

A brain injury is going to be traumatic, no matter how it was caused. It could be even more life-threatening if it is work-related. A subdural hematoma is known as the collection of blood outside the brain or on the surface of it. This can be life-threatening to those who suffer from it and can show quite a few symptoms once it occurs. Some of these symptoms include confusion, seizures, slurred speech, headache, loss of consciousness, or even coma. Most often, it is caused by a head injury that you could have sustained at work.

It could have happened if you fell and hit your head on pavement or concrete. It could also occur by getting hit in the head by an object at work or an automobile accident. There are also certain jobs that put you more at risk of getting a subdural hematoma injury. These jobs include factory jobs, police officers, firefighters, paramedics, people in the agricultural industry, people in the forestry industry, or other people who work with heavy machinery. When filing a claim for workers’ comp, make sure to have an attorney help you with the process.

Difficulties of Getting Covered by Workers’ Comp

Because of the nature of subdural hematoma injuries, most workers’ compensation claims will be denied by the insurance company. There is a lot of recovery time involved, which means they are on the cusp of paying you a lot of money, so you can spend that time recovering. The doctor will refuse to let you go back to work for quite a while since your brain will need time to recover from the bleeding. The insurance company is all too aware of this, so they may try to make it hard for you to get the coverage you deserve during this difficult time. You need a great workers’ comp attorney to make sure you are getting the benefits you deserve.

Your attorney will make sure the insurance company doesn’t try to settle early, so they won’t have to pay you as much money in the end. The need for an attorney will be essential if your claim was denied before you hired them. That way, the attorney can find out where things went wrong and can work hard to rectify the situation. The burden of proof is on you and your attorney, and the insurance company knows it. You will need the proper paperwork to prove that you sustained the injury at work, such as a letter from a medical professional that states the cause of the injury. You will also need proof from your doctor that you need time away from work to recover from your injury.

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