What to Do After a Wreck

    You find yourself in a wreck on the way home after traveling safely through an intersection. This is the first time you have ever been in a wreck and you aren’t sure what to do. Let’s take a look into the process so you can learn about the proper way to deal with a wreck. 1. Move to a safe […]

    How to React to a Situation with an Aggressive Driver

    One of the more stressful things for drivers today is a situation with an aggressive driver. This altercation could lead to a road rage incident, which can be even more stressful. What happens if this incident occurs when you are traveling to work on a tight schedule? The situation could easily turn dicey for you so it is in your […]

    5 Valuable Pieces of Evidence in a Logging Truck Accident

    When you are in an accident with a logging truck, it can be difficult to keep up with everything you’re supposed to be looking out for. Here is a list of the five things you should keep an eye out for after the accident. 1. Injuries The first thing you should do is to check yourself for injuries. Make notes […]

    What to Do If You Get Into a Wreck on a Motorcycle

    You got a new motorcycle for your birthday and you get into a wreck. You haven’t had the motorcycle long and this thought irritates you. You aren’t sure what the process is for reporting the wreck but you figure it can’t be very different from reporting one between two cars. Let’s take a closer look into what you should do […]

    Motorcyclist Killed in Accident Last Week

    A school bus driver was charged this week with misdemeanor death by motor vehicle after an accident with a motorcyclist on April 12th. The wreck occurred at 3:15pm, though there were no children on the school bus at that time. The accident occurred when the bus driver was at the intersection of West Buncombe and Railroad streets in the city […]

    5 Deadly Myths About Motorcycle Accidents

    Accidents while on your motorcycle can be catastrophic even while wearing bodily protection. There are myths about motorcycles that could be deadly for those who believe them. Let’s look closer at the five myths listed below. Do you believe any of them? 1. Helmets with full-face protection will restrict your vision. This myth could easily get you killed. Wearing a […]