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    Distracted Driving

    You throw your phone into the passenger’s seat of your vehicle as you get into the driver’s seat without thinking much of it. You have plans this evening of seeing friends at a local bar and have been texting them off and on for the past hour. They want to know when you’ll be meeting them and you’re getting tired […]

    NC Industrial Commission

    If you’ve ever gotten hurt on the job, then you’ve heard of the NC Industrial Commission. They are the ones in charge of your workers’ compensation claim. But what else are they in charge of? What else do they do besides work out workers’ comp payments? They are not just the face of worker’s compensation. They also preside over death […]

    Dangers of Social Media after Injury at Work

    You get hurt at work and everyone is worried about you. You have an urge to pop online to Facebook just to let everyone know you’re okay. You can’t help feeling rather frustrated at the insurance company that is handling the workers’ comp. They are taking forever and they don’t seem to want to help you – only hinder you. […]

    Getting Injured on a Rental Property

    A lot of people rent property from others so the idea of renting a home is not unheard of. Owning property can become expensive for anyone. Not having the money to a plot of land is not a new concept. However, what if you get injured on the property? You wonder who’s at fault for the injury since the cause […]

    Requesting a Second Opinion

    Getting hurt at work can be a pain at times. You know that it will be a long process to get the money you deserve. You won’t be able to work and you need the money to pay bills. You know you need to get workers’ compensation but you aren’t sure about the doctor’s ruling on the matter. You aren’t […]

    Do You Have The Choice To Refuse Doctor Treatment?

    Getting injured at work can be frightening enough of an experience for you. What if the doctor tells you that you need to have surgery to treat the injury? You don’t trust this doctor’s judgment and do not want to go through with the surgery. Do you have the choice to refuse that treatment? What happens to your workers’ comp […]

    Do Insurance Companies Have a Lawyer?

    Do insurance companies have a lawyer? This is a common question we get these days. People like you send in claims every day and it is the insurance company’s job to investigate them. Once you file the claim, the insurance company starts asking questions. You aren’t sure how to answer those questions since you were not expecting them. You think […]