Don’t let a work-related back injury get you down any more than it needs to. Speak with a talented back injury lawyer in Raleigh who can help you secure the workers compensation benefits that are rightfully yours.

The aftermath of any type of injury can be a challenge to overcome. And when you’re dealing with the consequences of a back injury, your life can be permanently affected by the harm caused by such damage—not to mention the fact that you’ll have difficulty continuing to support yourself without the ability to earn a living. You should never be stuck in a dire financial situation when you’re injured at work.

The attorneys at Ricci Law Firm Injury Lawyers, P.A. are prepared to fight for the workers comp benefits you deserve. It is not uncommon for insurance companies to deny the claims of deserving claimants, and many claimants believe that a denial is the end of the road for them. Fortunately, nothing could be further from the truth. A Raleigh back injury lawyer at our firm will work diligently to obtain the benefits you need to
survive while you’re out of work.

Criteria for Workers Comp Approval

In Raleigh and across the state of North Carolina, any employer who has three or more employees is mandated to carry workers comp coverage as part of their insurance policies.

But not every employee who suffers an injury at any point will be entitled to workers compensation benefits. In fact, only those workers who are able to establish that their injuries were caused by the circumstances of their work environment may be able to collect benefits.

Why the Insurer Might’ve Denied Your Claim

There are many reasons why the insurance company might have denied your workman’s comp claim. Some of the most frequently seen reasons for claim denials include:

  • You have a preexisting condition.
  • The insurer believes you are exaggerating the impact of your injury.
  • You were committing a crime at the time of your injury.
  • There are mistakes in your claim.
  • You didn’t report your injury to your employer within thirty days.
  • You violated your company’s code of ethics when you were injured.

In some of these scenarios, you’ll have the opportunity to appeal your denial and work with the insurance company to get your claim approved. In any case, the insurance company is obligated to address their reasons for denying your claim when you receive your denial letter. If your claim has been denied for any of the previously listed reasons, or for some other reason, speak with your lawyer.

Speak with a Highly Trained Raleigh Back Injury Attorney

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