Avoiding Road Rage

I’m Brian Ricci, a Greenville car accident lawyer. Aggressive driving behaviors in Greenville, North Carolina and the surrounding areas of Pitt County is a practice that everyone should avoid. It doesn’t only upset other motorists using our highways but also increases the possibility of vehicular accidents and their associated injuries and deaths. Avoiding the menace of road rage starts with you. Begin by identifying your own driving behavior and correct it if appropriate. Additionally, distancing yourself from aggressive drivers without emotionally reacting to their provocations can defuse the situation.

Aggressive Driving Behaviors That Can Trigger Road Rage

It is important to consider your driving behavior to avoid getting into conflicts with other drivers on the roads. If you have a personality that upsets other drivers and triggers road rage, it’s better to modify it to avoid getting into confrontations and associated vehicular accidents.

Don’t know why other drivers get upset with you? Well, here are some of the most common forms of aggressive driving that can cause it:

  • Honking your horn
  • Driving in the left lane below the speed limit
  • Tailgating someone
  • Drunk driving
  • Not indicating that you’re changing the lane
  • Cutting off another car
  • Distracted driving -for example, using a cell phone while driving
  • Having your high beam lights on

Why Should You Avoid Aggressive Driving?

You’ve every reason to avoid aggressive driving. Firstly, 50 percent of drivers who encounter aggressive driving behavior will most likely respond to you in a similar manner, thereby increasing your chances of getting involved in an accident. In fact, in every 10,000 road-rage accidents recorded, about 281 people die and 12,000 get severely injured. Moreover, about 37 percent of aggressive driving confrontations involve a firearm, and your risk increases if driving on highways.

Ways to Avoid Road Rage

If you value safe driving and want to avoid fights and headaches, learn to manage your road rage when confronted for/or by aggressive driving behaviors. There are ways you can manage your emotions and rage, but you can start with the following:

  • Always leave adequate distance from the motorist in front of you.
  • Move over if you’re being tailgated
  • When at fault, apologizing can help to defuse possible road rage.
  • As being in a hurry promotes aggressive driving, you should avoid it by planning ahead to allow time for delays when going to your place of work or other destinations.
  • Listening to music you enjoy can keep you alert on the highways. The music should not be too loud and distracting to other drivers.
  • Use your horn responsibly, only when it is unavoidable.

Recognizing Road Rage and Responding Appropriately

Finally, you should be able to recognize when other drivers are having road rage and try to respond appropriately without aggravating the situation. Accordingly, you’re also advised that in order to avoid road rage turning into a violent encounter, always try your best to regain composure if someone upsets you on the road. If a driver directs their road rage behaviors towards you, avoid making eye contact and in case he or she tailgates you, drive to a public place and then call for assistance. Don’t get out of your car to face the tailgater as it creates an environment for an ugly confrontation or a fight.

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