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    How Long Is the Statute of Limitations in North Carolina for Personal Injury and Workers’ Compensation Claims?

    It may take years to fully recover from a serious personal injury. But if you take too many years to pursue a civil lawsuit or workers’ compensation claim for that injury, you may be entirely out of luck. That is because in North Carolina, as in every other state, personal injury and workers’ compensation claims have expiration dates as prescribed […]

    COVID-19 and Business Interruption Coverage

    Businesses that have been paying premiums for Business Interruption coverage are now facing massive losses. These are the result of the insurance carriers failing to cover any losses that have arisen from the COVID-19 pandemic. The failure of the insurance industry to cover and honor their obligations has pushed the viability of many businesses that are in jeopardy. Most Business […]

    Why Zantac Became a Dangerous Drug

    Zantac (ranitidine) began as an alternative to Tagamet (cimetidine) in the late 1970s and was lauded for its lack of adverse drug reactions, long-term effectiveness, and its strength when compared to Tagamet. It hit the streets in 1981 and became a popular antacid for chronic indigestion and acid reflux by 1987. Zantac remained popular for almost 40 years until a […]

    Car Accident Injury During COVID-19 Pandemic

    It is important to seek medical care following a car accident in order to document your injuries and make a speedy and full recovery. After an injury you want to seek medical treatment as quickly as possible in order to get on the road to recovery. In normal times insurance companies will examine the consistency of treatment when evaluating claims. […]

    Coronavirus Relief Bill FAQs

    On March 27, 2020 the President signed into law the historic Coronavirus Aid Relief and Economic Security Act (CARES Act). The law provides assistance for Americans who are impacted by the Coronavirus. WHAT THIS MEANS FOR OUR CLIENTS Your case will not impede your ability to collect a stimulus check or expanded unemployment benefits if you were laid off due […]

    North Carolina Workers with COVID-19

    North Carolina Workers Sick With COVID-19 Deserve Workers’ Compensation! North Carolina has been hit hard by the COVID-19 crisis, and public officials, government employees, and community organizations are doing everything they can to protect North Carolinians –to protect our communities. Frontline workers are the selfless heroes of this pandemic, putting themselves and their families at risk as they fight to […]

    Workers’ Compensation and COVID-19

    Will workers compensation benefits for Coronavirus (COVID 19) be covered in North Carolina?  The very debate is taking place amongst workers compensation attorneys and the answer is complicated.   The courts can go either way once the issue is litigated. North Carolina does allow compensation for an occupational disease which is defined as diseases caused by conditions that are characteristic […]

    Industrial Plant Accidents or Explosions and Workers’ Comp

    Explosions in chemical plants and refineries are not common, but when they do occur, they can cause devastating injuries and immense property damage.  The deadliest plant explosion on record occurred thirty-six years ago in India at a pesticide plant leading to more than 600,000 people being exposed to the deadly gas cloud that night. The gases caused victims throats and […]

    Bailey’s 4th Annual Great Toy Takeaway

    Join Ricci Law Firm Injury Lawyers, PC in Participating At the Ricci Law Firm Injury Lawyers, PC, we value giving back to our local community. Bailey’s Great Toy Takeaway is going on it’s 4th year of giving away new and used toys to children in need. This idea started when a girl wanted to share the joy of giving with […]