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You were hurt through no fault of your own. You have personal injuries, medical bills piling up, and the inability to work because of those injuries. When these types of situations occur, hiring a personal injury lawyer becomes a priority. At Ricci Law Firm Injury Lawyers, our Garner personal injury lawyers are immediately available to help you. You deserve an aggressive defender capable of fighting for your full compensation. Expect us to be that advocate for you.

Let Us Determine If Someone Owes You Compensation

One of the first benefits of working with a personal injury attorney in Garner, NC, is our knowledge. We bring with us decades of experience in personal injury law and the dedication, compassion, and reputation you need to recover losses for you. If you believe you were hurt due to another person’s negligence or recklessness, we are ready to fight for you.

Our injury lawyers in Garner, NC, take on all types of personal injury cases. That includes any instance in which someone owed you a duty of care, breached that requirement, caused an accident, and led to your financial loss. Some examples of the types of personal injury cases we take on include:

  • Car accidents: This includes distracted driving accidents, drunk driving accidents, speeding, or other causes of car accidents.
  • Truck accidents: our personal injury firm knows how to hold truck drivers and their companies accountable for the damages they cause.
  • Product liability cases: If you were hurt because of a product defect or a lack of warning about a product’s risks, let us fight for you to receive compensation.
  • Boating accidents: Our Garner, NC law firm has helped many clients recover compensation after boating accidents on the latest or the coastline.
  • Workplace accidents: Under the law, employers are required to ensure your work environment is maintained to be safe. If your employer did not do that and you suffered injuries, we want to help you.
  • Medication mistakes: Whether it was a nurse giving you the wrong dose or the hidden side effects of a drug that caused you injury, we can fight to protect your rights to compensation.
  • Pedestrian accidents: Our attorneys have years of experience fighting for our clients who were hurt while out walking.

When you are facing injuries brought on by another person’s actions or inactions, we strongly encourage you to hire a personal injury attorney in Garner, NC, to guide you through the next steps.

You Can Trust Our Injury Law Firm in Garner, NC

Hiring a personal injury attorney is a critical step in protecting your future. Not every personal injury attorney will take your case, and, in some situations, they may not believe you have a case. Our team will always be honest and upfront with you about your rights to compensation and what you can expect moving forward. There are numerous reasons why you should trust us.

Experience Matters in Injury Law

We have over 60 years of combined legal experience within our injury law firm in Garner, NC. That means we have seen many types of cases and helped numerous clients to recover losses. We are always here to help you use that experience to protect your rights.

We Advocate for Our Clients With Passion

As one of the most recognized personal injury law firms in Garner, NC, for our compassion, you can expect us to always treat you with respect and guidance. We know what you are facing, and we will do all we can to support you.

Proven Results Make it Clear

Over our law firm’s history, we have helped our clients recover millions of dollars in losses. This includes losses for very challenging cases and cases that required going up against some of the largest organizations out there. We know how to get results.

It is through our dedication to our clients that our law firm gets results. We strongly encourage you to contact our Garner, NC, personal injury attorney if you were hurt. Let us explore your case and provide you with insight into what your rights are.

There is No Risk In Working with Our Personal Injury Law Firm in Garner, NC

If you were hurt, you may be worried about being able to afford an attorney to help you seek out compensation for your losses. There is no reason to worry about this.

We Provide You With a Free Consultation

There is never a cost for our consultations. When you discuss your case with our injury attorney in Garner, NC, during this consultation, you will learn if you have a case as well as what your case may be worth. There is no obligation to move forward with working with our team if you decide not to. Yet, you will have valuable information to help you make a decision.

We Charge You Nothing Throughout the Case

You do not pay for any attorney services or legal fees during your time working with us. As we pursue your case and the financial compensation owed to you, breathe easy knowing that you will not pay anything until after your case.

If You Do Not Win Your Case, You Owe Us Nothing

This means there is really no risk to you when you make the decision to work with our personal injury law firm in Garner, NC. Instead, you get information, support, comprehensive legal strategy, and guidance. If, for any reason, you do not get a settlement, you do not pay us anything for our services.

It is critical to us that our clients know they have the right to seek legal support. Our personal injury law firm is trusted, respected, and compassionate. Reach out to us to find out what we can do to support you in this difficult time.

Determining What Your Personal Injury Case Is Worth

Under North Carolina law, a person who suffers injury brought on by the negligence or recklessness of another person or company is entitled to damages for those losses. The goal under the law is to make a person “whole again.” That can be a confusing statement, especially for those who suffer numerous losses and do not recover over the long term.

The law cannot erase the pain you feel or give you back a lost loved one. However, it can compensate you monetarily as fairly as possible. To do that, our personal injury law firm must prove what your case is worth. We do that by looking at all factors related to your case and gathering evidence to support your claims.

Under the law, you may be able to seek compensation in several ways:

Economic Losses

Economic losses are often easier to prove because you received a bill for them, or you can put a value on them with a few calculations. They include:

  • Medical bills from the accident
  • Any ongoing medical costs you have from continued care needs
  • Medication costs
  • Missed time and benefits at work
  • Property damage and loss

Non-Economic Losses

These losses are harder to put a value on because they are more subjective in nature. However, the law still gives you the right (and provides processes) for determining what these losses are. Some examples may include:

Punitive Damages

In some situations, the court may also recommend punitive damages. These are damages that the court determines itself if you should be paid often as a direct method for punishing the at-fault party and discouraging them from acting in the same way. This may apply, for example, in situations of heinous crimes, reckless behavior such as driving intoxicated, or intentional acts.

In every one of these situations, our injury attorneys are tasked with determining the value of your losses. We strongly urge you not to simply settle your claim with the insurance company without our legal support. Insurance companies will rarely, if ever, provide you with actual insight into what your losses are worth. We will make sure you maximize any compensation owed to you.

What Will Our Personal Injury Lawyer in Garner, NC, Do for You?

We noted the importance of not settling your case with an insurance company. What difference, then, can an attorney make for you? Look beyond our years of experience and solid reputation. Consider these ways our injury attorneys in Garner, NC, support our clients as they pursue full and fair compensation for their losses.

Determine Who is Responsible

Some situations are obvious. Other times, multiple people are responsible for the injuries and losses you have incurred. Our personal injury law firm will determine all parties liable for your losses so we can seek compensation from any applicable person.

Handle the Claims Process

To settle your case with the insurance company, it is critical to have an attorney in Garner, NC, create the legal documentation that not only holds those responsible accountable but also outlines all of the losses you have. After our extensive research into your losses, we can do this for you. That will include any losses you already suffered and the ongoing losses you may continue to experience.

We Negotiate With the Insurance Company

As one of the most respected personal injury law firms, you can expect our legal team to pursue full and fair compensation for you. We will handle speaking to the insurance company, answering their questions, and gathering additional evidence they may require. We shield you from their invasive questions and processes as much as possible. Often, they will settle the claim with us quickly because of how well we have built your case.

Build Your Case When Needed

Some personal injury cases are more complex. For that reason, our personal injury law firm in Garner, NC, will tackle any additional steps and strategies necessary to prove your full compensation. This may include hiring medical experts, discussing your case with witnesses, and utilizing accident recreation specialists to verify what occurred.

Go to Court When We Need to Do So

Not all personal injury law firms in Garner, NC, will take your case to court. If you are not getting the fair compensation you are owed, our attorneys will seek legal action against the parties responsible. We will prepare a strong legal strategy for you and represent you the entire time in the courtroom.

The Benefits of Working with Our Personal Injury Firm

The complexity of personal injury cases makes it critically important for victims to have help. Our Garner personal injury attorneys cannot promise an outcome, but we can provide you with a number of benefits from the first time you meet with us:

  • You gain peace of mind. Know that we will do all we can to help you recover from this situation.
  • We provide you with legal guidance that is accurate, honest, and detailed. Our legal team maintains clear communication with you throughout your case.
  • You benefit from our reputation and experience. Trust in our injury firm’s reputation to pursue full and fair compensation for you even when you are up against powerful insurance companies.

Work on healing from your injuries. Focus your energy on continuing your rehabilitation or getting back to your family. Let our experienced attorneys handle the hard work of getting you the compensation owed to you. We know what you are facing, and we will always pursue full and fair compensation to protect you.

Set Up a Free Consultation with Our Garner, NC, Personal Injury Law Firm Now

It starts with a free consultation with our Garner personal injury lawyers. Let us offer insight into your case, give you information about your rights, and begin to build your case with you. At Ricci Law Firm Injury Lawyers, we are passionate about helping our clients continuously throughout their cases.

Working with us is never risky. If you do not win your case, you owe us nothing. Yet, we can offer incredible support to you right away. Call us for a free consultation.

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