What Happens If My Employer Fires Me?

Getting fired from your job can be a frightening thing. What are you going to do about new employment? Why were you fired when you thought you were doing so well?

Getting an answer to why your employer fired you can be a tough battle. Coming out of that battle can be as difficult as entering it in the first place.

There is also the question looming in your mind as you walk out of the office. What if they don’t have a good reason for firing me in the first place?

What rights do I have as an employee, especially one who was fired from their job? Another question follows soon after as you bite your lower lip.

What happens next after my termination? What can I do, now that I don’t have a job? Let’s take a look at some of the next steps you can take after getting fired from your job.

What reason did they give for firing you?

If the supervisor or employer does not give you a reason for firing you, ask for one. You have a right to know why you are being fired from your job.

The employer should give you a reason for why they are letting you go in the first place. The reason could be anything from bad performance to showing up late to work too many times.

If you are not given a reason for your termination, then find someone who knows the reason. Make sure to do your research into any rumors about you that may be going around the office.

Don’t believe every rumor you hear, even about yourself, but each of them will hold a nugget of truth. Make sure to listen to what each person says, as it may hold valuable information for your answer.

Know your rights as a terminated employee.

If you still have your employee handbook, read through it to see what it says about termination. Your employee handbook should have this information somewhere.

If it does not, make sure to ask around. Contact the supervisor’s higher-ups in the company. Make sure to ask them for a full explanation for why your supervisor fired you.

If they cannot give you a proper explanation for the termination, then it is time to take further steps. One of the first steps at this point should be to contact a lawyer about your rights.

Contact a lawyer if you think the employer shouldn’t have fired you.

Don’t be afraid to contact a lawyer if you feel your employer wrongly fired you. A lawyer specializing in wrongful terminations will be able to tell you if you have a case for a law suit.

Make sure to give all the information you have to the lawyer during your consultation. You never know what might be valuable to them for your case.

If you do decide to take a case to court, make sure you have plenty of evidence toward a wrongful termination. You could lose money with the wrong move.

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