5 Jobs at the Highest Risk of Benzene Exposure

Here are 5 of the careers where people are in serious danger of benzene exposure. Do you have one of these jobs? Make sure to explore all your options if you are at risk of coming into contact with benzene over a longer period of time.

1. Chemical Plant Employees

Chemical plants are the most common places you can come in contact with benzene. This is because there are many manufacturing chemicals that have an aromatic element and benzene is the precursor for the common synthetic materials, such as nylon and rubber. Because of the aromatic element and how closely you are working with benzene, you are very likely to develop a disease related to that.

You will have a case for workers’ comp down the road when you are diagnosed with a disease related to benzene contact. This goes for you and any of your loved ones. Don’t be afraid to talk with a lawyer about your options in this regard.

2. Painters

Benzene is found in most paints that you would use in your projects. Because of this, you are very likely to be diagnosed with a disease closely related to benzene exposure, such as leukemia or anemia. This is exactly why you have a case of workers’ comp. Once you are diagnosed with one of these diseases and the doctor gives you some answers in regards to the cause, you should contact a lawyer about filing a claim for workers’ comp. Make sure you explore all your options in this area.

3. Paper Factory Workers

Benzene is handled quite closely when producing paper and paper pulp. You will be exposed to benzene on a daily basis, which means you are at serious risk of developing a disease. You are at the highest risk of benzene exposure because you work in a factory that puts you at such close proximity.

It means you will develop a disease that puts you out of work quite a bit due to medical treatment. This puts you at a marked disadvantage when trying to maintain financial stability. This means that filing a workers’ comp claim is to your advantage in this case.

4. Oil Refinery Workers

This is another career that puts you in extremely close proximity to benzene because of what benzene is used for. Benzene is used in petroleum products along with the refining process for the crude oil itself. You are at a very high risk of developing a disease from the exposure itself so you will need to take time off to get medical treatment. You are at a dangerous place in terms of developing illnesses, such as acute myeloid leukemia or lymphoma. Because of the time you need to cure the disease, you are a prime candidate for filing a claim against your employer for workers’ comp.

5. Mechanics

The solvents and degreasers used commonly in your profession often contain benzene. Because you are around these products often, you are at risk of benzene exposure. Make sure you have an appointment with a medical professional if you are feeling unwell. Also check your options when you are diagnosed with an illness connected to benzene exposure.

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