Femoral Shaft Fractues

You are driving to your home on the interstate when you are hit by another vehicle. The pain you are now experiencing is intense as your car comes to a stop. Your car flipped multiple times and you feel a bone in your thigh snapping.

This pain causes you to cry out, which alerts a passing motorist that you are still alive. The motorist calls for help, which gets an ambulance on the way. You are told when you enter the ER that you have a femoral shaft fracture in your left leg.

You don’t know what that is so you ask your lawyer. He tells you that the fracture is caused by quite a high level of trauma from the wreck. Since the wreck is the other person’s fault, your lawyer is seeking money for the medical bills. Let’s take a closer look what he tells you about the fracture.

“The Location of the Femoral Shaft”

The femoral shaft is located in the thigh and is the straight part of the femur. When there is a break in this area of the bone, it is called a femoral shaft fracture. It is also called a thigh fracture. It takes quite a bit of force to break the femoral shaft since the femur is so strong.

It takes at least four months to heal, if not six months. They are most commonly seen in men between the ages of fifteen and twenty-four years old. If the fracture is open, it could cause an infection, osteomyelitis, or sepsis.

“Causes of the Femoral Shaft Fracture”

Most younger people who get femoral shaft fractures get them from severe trauma, such as from a car wreck. Older people get femoral shaft fractures from falls that are lower trauma. The fracture will be obvious since it takes quite a bit of effort to obtain a fracture in this area.

It would take trauma from a wreck to obtain a fracture in the femur. After getting a femoral shaft fracture, you should be offered physical therapy as soon as possible. The goal is to get you walking as soon as you can. In order to maximize your chances of a proper recovery, you should walk every day after that.

“Why You Should Hire a Lawyer after the Fracture”

You should obtain a lawyer after getting this fracture in a car wreck for a simple reason. This is a very serious injury and a painful one as well. Your medical bills might soar as you recover from the injury and possible surgeries.

What if you don’t have the money to pay for the medical bills and the wreck wasn’t your fault to begin with? This is a question the lawyer will be able to answer for you quite easily. They can tell you the steps you need to take so your bills can get paid without you having to worry about it.

Making sure that your bills are covered will ease the stress on your shoulders, especially if there is a very capable lawyer on your side to help you. Make sure each base is covered so you and your family will not have to worry about things later.

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