Why Is My Workers’ Compensation Claim Taking So Long to Process?

One of the hardest parts of filing a workers’ comp claim these days is the waiting involved. It can take up to a few years for the claim to be approved and processed for payment. The waiting involved could mean that you will be unable to pay the bills that are now stacking up in front of you.

It can be stressful to watch the claim process slow to a crawl even with a lawyer on your side. There are three reasons it might take up to a few years for the claim to be processed. Let’s take a look at these reasons so you can be better prepared for the coming months.

1. The insurance company denies your claim.

This is something a lot of us have to deal with when it comes to workers’ comp claims. The fact is, the insurance company is not on your side by any stretch of the imagination. They will try their hardest to get the claim outright denied. They may even try to get you to contradict yourself in terms of what you said about the accident. They will try to get you to say something different than what you said originally.

You should not speak to the insurance company without your lawyer present, so you can prevent this outcome from happening. You also should not settle for anything less than what your lawyer believes the claim is worth. You’ll need the money to pay your medical bills on top of the regular bills you are now unable to pay because you are unable to work to earn the money to pay them.

2. Your case is delayed by the insurance company.

Delaying the case as long as they can by dragging their feet is something else the insurance company might try. The less they have to pay out to the injured party (you), the better off they’ll be. Dragging their feet is something they might try to get you irritated enough to approach them about settling the case. It would be to their advantage if this happens, which is why you should not approach them about it.

This is also why you should have a lawyer on your side. Your lawyer will prevent the insurance company from trying to drag their feet, which they will try to do longer than necessary at times. The less wait time you have, the better off you’ll be in terms of getting the money you deserve.

3. You have to gather all your evidence first.

The fact is, it can take quite a bit of time to gather all the evidence you need for your case. When meeting with a lawyer, it is always a good idea to have your testimony about the accident written up and signed before walking in. You also need as much evidence as you can possibly get to support the fact that the accident was caused by employer negligence. The insurance company will ask for the evidence, as will your lawyer when speaking to you. The more evidence you have on your side, the quicker your claim will be approved and processed.

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