After an Accident, the Insurance Company Is NOT on Your Side

The insurance companies will look out for their shareholders instead of the people they are insuring. Because of this, they might be quick to deny your claim. They want to make sure they aren’t losing out on money for their shareholders.

Because of this reason alone, they will try to deny your claim and take it as far as they can, forcing you to go to court. They might even ask you for a recorded statement about what happened. There are several reasons why you shouldn’t agree to give a recorded statement. In this blog, we take a look at three of the most important reasons. Keep reading to learn more!

Reason #1: “The results of multiple statements made weeks or months apart can hurt your case.”

It’s a known fact that proceedings like the one you are going through take quite some time. Because of this, it could take quite a while for the claim to get into the court system. It could be weeks or even months between your original statements and your recorded statements.

Because of that, you might not remember everything you said originally. The insurance company and their legal counsel could use this to their advantage to trap you into making different statements about what happened surrounding the injury.

Reason #2: “The insurance company will ask questions in a way to trap you into harmful statements.”

There are times when the insurance company will bully you into making statements that will hurt your claim in the end. They might push you into agreeing with facts that aren’t necessarily true or they might even bully you to the point where you say something such as “I suppose” just to get them to stop with that particular line of questioning.

They can use this answer against you when you are giving a deposition or another statement down the road. They will bring up this answer in an attempt to show that you are contradicting yourself. Because this statement of “I suppose” was recorded, they can use it in more than one way as evidence in court. This will do nothing but harm your case in the long run.

What they might also do is make it sound like you don’t actually remember as much as you claim to. They might get you to admit something about how it was all a blur for you. They might even get you to admit, directly or not, that you don’t remember as much as you originally thought. Because this statement was also recorded, it will come up through the lawyer’s words during court proceedings.

Reason #3: “The insurance company’s lawyer can use this testimony against you during your deposition.”

There will be quite a bit of time between the date you recorded the statement and the date you find yourself on the stand. You may not remember everything you said in your statement and the insurance company’s lawyer will use this to their advantage. They can find a way to make sure you contradict yourself as well, which could lead to a rejected claim.

The contradiction might seem slight to you or other people in the room, but the insurance company’s lawyer will be able to find a way to make it a bigger deal. They will word it in a way that makes it seem like they had no other choice but to deny the claim. This is exactly why you should not agree to give the insurance company a recorded statement.

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