How Your Health Insurance Can Affect Your Personal Injury Claim

    Being involved in a serious auto accident can be a life-altering experience. Many people walk away feeling thankful that they survived, and with an entirely new perspective on life. Those who have health insurance may have some peace of mind in the knowledge that at least some of their medical bills will be paid. When the negligence of another driver […]

    Limb Injuries or Loss

    I’m Brian Ricci, a Greenville amputation injury lawyer. Many people may take their bodies for granted, giving hardly any thought to the ease with which they use their legs, arms and hands to go about their days and complete tasks for work or at home. However, loss of the use of any one limb or the removal of a limb […]

    Risks to Pregnant Women in Car Accidents

    I’m Brian Ricci, father and car crash attorney in Greenville, NC. Few things are more important to an expecting mother than the safety of her unborn child. Women who are preparing to give birth often spend an enormous amount of time researching every element of their pregnancies, from what foods to eat to which babyproofing supplies have received the highest […]

    Livestock vs. Auto Collisions in Eastern North Carolina

    I’m Brian Ricci, a Greenville car crash attorney. Pitt County is home to around 400 working farms which means those living in and around Greenville have passed a farm or two as they drive around the area. And with farms comes farm animals that occasionally break free from their pastures and find their way onto the roads. The unfortunate result […]

    Children at Greater Risk During Crashes

    I’m Brian Ricci, father and car crash attorney in Greenville, NC. Being involved in a traffic accident with your little ones on board is one of the worst nightmares in life. Understanding that the effects of car accidents on children are far-reaching, both physically and psychologically, there are several precautionary measures that parents can implement to maximize protection of their […]

    Take Extra Caution on the Roads After “Springing Forward”

    I’m Brian Ricci, a car crash lawyer in Greenville, NC. The lost hour of sleep when we “spring forward”can cause more difficulties than arriving late to church on Sunday morning. Residents of Greenville, and the greater Pitt County area, need to be aware of the greater risks of driving in the week following the start of Daylight Savings Time. Those […]

    Should You Purchase Gap Insurance?

    Having sufficient automobile insurance is a requirement for drivers in North Carolina. Including a personal umbrella policy can reinforce your standard insurance in the event that you are responsible for damages that are beyond the limits of your coverage and can help protect your bank account and other personal property. However, if you have purchased a new vehicle or are […]

    The Dangers of Pedestrian Vs Car Accidents on North Carolina Roadways

    When an accident takes place between a pedestrian and a vehicle, there can be little question as to which party will emerge the worse for wear. According to statistics compiled by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, there were approximately 66,000 pedestrians injured in auto accidents in 2013. An additional 4,735 pedestrians lost their lives after an encounter with a […]

    Common Fractures After a Motor Vehicle Accident

    Following an Auto Accident? Following an auto accident, fractures can occur anywhere in the body. Fractures that occur may result in serious trauma to the skull and brain, a spine injury or a facial fracture. Have you experienced a personal injury related to an auto accident in the Greenville, North Carolina or Pitt County areas? Read on to learn more. […]