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    Vertebral Injuries Due to Accidents

    I’m Brian Ricci a personal injury attorney in Greenville, NC. It protects your spinal cord from damage, and does a good job of it. But it’s no match for the forces that get generated by car accidents and work related injuries. A tap on your bumper at 25 mph is enough to cause the spine to get pushed out of […]

    Common Eye Injuries That Can Occur in an Accident

    I’m Brian Ricci, an injury and workers’ compensation attorney serving Greenville and the rest of North Carolina. The human eye is an astounding feat of biological engineering. A multitude of components work together to allow our eyes to take in raw information about the world and communicate those messages to the brain. Tiny blood vessels, intricate musculature and an entwined […]

    The Real Dangers of Driving While Drowsy

    You have certainly heard about the dangers of drunk driving but you probably have not heard too much about the real dangers of drowsy driving. Since more people are more likely to get behind the wheel while sleepy than they are likely to get behind the wheel while intoxicated, in many regards, drowsy driving is more prevalent a danger on […]

    How to Read a NC Crash Report (DMV-349)

    You’ve been in a car accident, and you called the police to respond to the scene. In turn, the responding officer filled out an accident report that describes the incident known as North Carolina Crash Report Form DMV-349. As you read the report, you find abbreviations that don’t seem to make sense. These abbreviations are a form of shorthand that […]

    Ricci Law Firm Injury Lawyers, P.A. Attend 9th Annual Autism RunWalk

    Ricci Law Firm Injury Lawyers P.A. was thrilled to raise awareness and participate in the 9th Annual Autism RunWalk, hosted by the Autism Society of North Carolina. We genuinely enjoy participating in community events because we are advocates at heart, and believe there is great power in working together for those across the spectrum of autism. We at Ricci Law […]

    Avoiding Road Rage

    I’m Brian Ricci, a Greenville car accident lawyer. Aggressive driving behaviors in Greenville, North Carolina and the surrounding areas of Pitt County is a practice that everyone should avoid. It doesn’t only upset other motorists using our highways but also increases the possibility of vehicular accidents and their associated injuries and deaths. Avoiding the menace of road rage starts with […]

    Dangers of Working in Paper Mills

    I’m Brian Ricci, an attorney representing paper mill workers across all of North Carolina. There’s no arguing the fact that North Carolina paper mills are inherently dangerous places to work at the best of times. Moving around everything from wood pulp to finished rolls of paper comes with risks that are usually minimized through the use of safety gear and […]

    How Your Health Insurance Can Affect Your Personal Injury Claim

    Being involved in a serious auto accident can be a life-altering experience. Many people walk away feeling thankful that they survived, and with an entirely new perspective on life. Those who have health insurance may have some peace of mind in the knowledge that at least some of their medical bills will be paid. When the negligence of another driver […]

    The Dangers of Heat Exposure in Construction Work

    Brian Ricci, an attorney representing construction workers across all North Carolina. With summer just around the corner, many companies who rely on outdoor workers are preparing to ramp up their safety training programs. Keeping workers safe while out in the heat is a serious matter, and there are many heat-related injuries and even deaths that take place each and every […]