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    Why Should You Use a Crosswalk

    Crosswalks can be very important when it comes to saving your life as a pedestrian. Motorists are supposed to yield to you when you are crossing the road using that very crosswalk. It might add a few extra moments to the journey to your destination, but it can ultimately save your life. In fact, a young woman had convulsions after […]

    How to Prove That The Hotel Was Negligent

    You are staying in a hotel room for a night or two, so you can get to an out-of-town meeting. You don’t notice a spilled cup of water from the previous user of the room until it’s too late. You find yourself on the floor in excruciating pain with the pain radiating from your tailbone. You are unable to breathe […]

    Can I Get Compensation for Carpal Tunnel?

    Carpal tunnel syndrome is a very painful condition in your hands/wrists that can make it incredibly difficult to perform your duties at work. What if you got it because of those work duties you perform during the week? That reason alone could mean you can get workers’ compensation benefits while you recover from the pain of the injury. Let’s take […]

    Electrocution In Hotel Rooms

    You’d easily think that staying in a hotel can be safe when traveling to your destination. What if the hotel isn’t being as careful as they should be? There have been cases of hotels being negligent in several ways when it comes to customer safety. What if you get electrocuted or even have a family member die of it due […]

    Carbon Monoxide Poisoning in Hotels

    You would think that staying in a hotel room can be pretty safe as you’re traveling from one place to another. What if, however, the hotel isn’t being as careful as they look? Hotels can be negligent in more than one way when it comes to customer safety. What if you fall victim to carbon monoxide poisoning or even have […]

    5 Valuable Pieces of Evidence in a Motorcycle Accident

    An accident while on your motorcycle is incredibly stressful. You can make the claims process less stressful for yourself if you have these 5 pieces of evidence on your person. 1. Injuries Do you or the other driver have any injuries? Are there any other people in the surrounding area have injuries that need medical attention? This is the time […]

    What Do I Do After Getting Into an Accident on My Bicycle?

    Getting into an accident while on your bicycle can be very dangerous, especially in the Greenville area. It can be shocking and nerve-wracking for you. Your injuries might be more severe because your body isn’t as protected while on your bicycle. Let’s take a look at what you should do after the accident, so you can be better prepared if […]