Everyone who visits or stays in a hotel or motel has the right to assume they are paying for a room and experience in a safe environment. If you or a loved one were hurt while in a hotel and due to the hotel’s negligence, then you deserve to be fairly compensated for your resulting damages. Hotels will not be eager to admit negligence and liability, though, and you should expect them and their insurance providers to resist your claim from start to finish

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Hotel Negligence: Sources & Injuries

Any sort of business that invites the public must maintain the property in a way that creates a safe space free from unreasonable hazards. Hotels are no exception to the rule. However, the negligence of hotel staff and owners leads to guest injuries and accidents every day.

Sources of hotel negligence that could cause a guest accident include:

  • Lack of proper security measures
  • Missing fire or carbon monoxide alarms
  • No warning signage around temporary hazards
  • Poorly lit hallways, rooms, or stairwells
  • Room service trays and clutter in hallways and around room doors
  • Uplifted carpeting and slippery tile or wood flooring

Possible injuries caused by hotel negligence include:

  • Assault injuries caused by another guest
  • Burn injuries from irons, scalding water, etc
  • Carbon monoxide poisoning
  • Drowning injuries and fatalities
  • Electrocution caused by defective hairdryers, televisions, etc
  • Elevator accidents
  • Food poisoning from room service meals
  • Infection or illness caused by pests and vermin
  • Slip and fall accidents

React Quickly After a Hotel Negligence Accident – Call (252) 777-2222

After being hurt due to a hotel’s negligence, notify an on-staff manager as soon as you can and be certain you are given a copy of any accident report. Take photographs of the cause of your accident, if you can. You should also see a medical provider as soon as you can It might be tricky to find a doctor who can see you, as you are likely out of your hometown if you are staying in a hotel. Not seeing a doctor soon after your accident, though, can raise your own liability if you suffer an injury that would have been alleviated had it been diagnosed sooner than later.

After you have taken those appropriate steps after a hotel accident, come to our law firm and get our Greenville premises liability attorneys in your corner. With our 60+ years of total legal experience, you can rest easy knowing your case is being handled by a winning team.

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