Do Insurance Companies Have a Lawyer?

Do insurance companies have a lawyer? This is a common question we get these days. People like you send in claims every day and it is the insurance company’s job to investigate them.

Once you file the claim, the insurance company starts asking questions. You aren’t sure how to answer those questions since you were not expecting them.

You think about hiring a lawyer yourself since you think you might need one now. The words the insurance company uses are like another language.

You can’t understand a word the insurance adjustor is saying and you don’t know what to do. There is a paper in front of you with words you can’t understand.

A man in a nice suit is sitting right across from you, looking rather impatient. You decide to call your lawyer to make sure everything is on the up-and-up.

Does the insurance company even have a lawyer? Do you need a lawyer as well for your claim process? Let’s look at whether they have one and what is in it for them.

If you file a claim against them, the company will have an adjustor come out to assess the situation. That goes for damage done to homes or car wrecks, etc.

Instead of an adjustor, a lawyer might come out to the property to assess the damage done. This lawyer is part of a legal team working for the insurance company for this type of situation.

If a lawyer from the insurance company comes to the property, have your answers ready. They will ask questions about what happened and who is at fault.

What’s in the insurance company’s best interest?

Insurance companies like to delay cases for as long as possible or settling cases out of court. It works out better for them if they settle so they don’t have to pay out as much money to you.

The longer they don’t have to pay any money, the better off they are. The more delays that happen with your case, the more money they will have sitting in their bank account.

It is in the best interest of the insurance company if they don’t have to pay you at all. The lawyer you hire will understand this and fight hard for your case so you can get the money you deserve.

Should YOU hire a lawyer?

Always hire a lawyer from the beginning stages of the claim. Have the lawyer read through all contracts you need to sign. A lawyer will make sure that the insurance company is not trying to scam you. If you feel something is wrong with the claim, make sure to call a lawyer. The insurance company might try to delay the case in some way or make sure the court denies your claim.

If this happens, the lawyer can appeal the case. Lawyers want what is best for their clients, which is a judgment in the client’s favor. An insurance company might try to work against them for that reason.

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