Sometimes, a conversation with a workers’ compensation insurance adjuster sounds like a bunch of gibberish. “PPD” is one of the most commonly used terms in an average North Carolina workers’ compensation claim. It sounds complicated, and your insurance adjuster may throw it out there just to confuse you. Really, PPD is straightforward, once you know the law: PPD = Permanent […]

    Top Three Back Claim Myths

    Ricci Law Firm regularly represents workers who develop serious back conditions. Compensable conditions range from herniated disks to degeneration to stenosis to spondylosis, and the list goes on. Many workers suffering from back pain fail to take advantage of the North Carolina Workers’ Compensation Act by filing a claim. Why? Here are the top three misconceptions among workers suffering from […]

    Back to School Injuries

    Ready or not, it’s back to school time in North Carolina! Teachers and other school employees are prepping for opening day. Dusting desks, making name tags, decorating the halls? School staffers, take our advice and go one step further — consider your own personal safety before the chaos rolls in. The good news is that North Carolina Law requires the State of […]

    Sunblock and Attorneys

    Break out the Banana Boat, folks…it’s sunny out there! What do sunblock and workers’ compensation attorneys have in common? Sounds like the beginning of a great joke, right? But as summer looms nearer and you slather on the suntan oil, you may just see a connection. 1. They both protect you from possible harm Just like a good SPF 50, […]

    Returning to Work After an Injury

    For some sick or injured workers who successfully heal after a workers’ compensation incident, the hardest part is finding a way to re-enter the workforce. Finding work despite ongoing physical limitations and restrictions can be tricky. This is especially true for workers with minimal education or skills that can be transferred to other jobs. For a workers’ compensation victim, not […]

    What Are the Risks to Food Industry Workers?

    When we think of dangerous jobs, we think of roofers, heavy machine operators, and firefighters, right? But what about folks working in regular jobs, such as those in the food industry? Unfortunately, the food industry in North Carolina is rampant with both occupational diseases and injuries by accident. It is important for these workers to know the risks and remember […]

    Am I Injured? Top 5 Conditions with Delayed Onset

    Sometimes, even minor events can cause huge problems. North Carolina workers often fail to report workers’ compensation claims because they initially think they were not seriously injured, or they hope their pain would improve over time. Here are the top five work-related medical conditions with delayed symptoms: 1. Back Pain Many workers injured at work while lifting, bending, or stooping […]

    Proper Lifting Techniques Can Minimize Back Injury Risks

    For someone in the shipping industry or construction work, you often have to lift heavier items. This is just part of the job but it can also lead to back injuries as well as other types of traumatic injuries if not done properly. Many people who suffer from these types of injuries have to miss work, which means a loss […]