Driving with No Driver’s License

You’re driving down the road without your driver’s license. All of a sudden, you get into a wreck with someone. You’re found to be at fault for the wreck and become responsible for damages.

The police officer who comes to the wreck asks to see your license and your vehicle registration. You gulp at the thought of having to tell the officer that you don’t have a driver’s license at all.

You never took the test because you didn’t have the time to go to your local DMV to take it. You got caught up with high school final exams and didn’t schedule time for the test.

You’ve been driving on your permit for years now and don’t know how to tell the officer about it. You’re afraid that you’ll get into a lot of trouble for not having a license.

You don’t know if honesty is your best policy with the police officer since you’ve never spoken to one. You don’t know what your options are and that’s what scares you the most.

Let’s take a look at the differences in no driver’s license, a suspended license, and a revoked license. We’ll also take a look at your options if you get into a wreck with either status.

Driving with No Driver’s License

Driving without a driver’s license can mean a lot of things today. It could mean that you have only a learner’s permit. It could mean you didn’t have time to go to the DMV to take the driving test.

It could mean that you don’t have a license at all that could be suspended or revoked. Whatever your reason may be, you need to get your license as soon as possible.

Driving without a license at all isn’t as bad an offense as driving with a suspended or revoked one. Law enforcement officials will fine you for driving without a driver’s license.

Driving with a Suspended or Revoked License

Driving with a suspended or revoked driver’s license means that the DMV took your license. For example, they took your license away for having many charges of DUI on your criminal record.

The point of a suspended or revoked driver’s license is to prevent you from driving. Public officials have a good reason to keep you off the road and do so by revoking or suspending your license.

Driving without a license for this reason is a more serious offense if you’re pulled over. Police could fine you or even detain you for driving with a suspended or revoked license.

Getting into a Wreck with No License

Not having a license and getting into a wreck are two different situations. If you get into a wreck with a suspended or revoked license, that is a more serious offense.

If you get into a wreck with no license at all, you need to fix that situation as soon as possible. You might get fined for having no license on top of being liable for damages if found to be at fault.

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