First Responders’ Month

Did you know that September is First Responders’ Month? As member of the community, we have a lot to thank them for these days, as they are always on high alert for things that could go wrong. Police officers make sure our community is safe from harm, paramedics make sure we get to the hospital if necessary, and firemen put out fires that put our lives in serious danger. Even though their jobs are life-threatening, they willingly go about their jobs anyway. What if they get hurt on the job while trying to save someone else’s life? How can we help them in their time of need? Making sure we understand the dangers they face is a great place to start. Let’s take a deeper look into the nature of these jobs.

Automobile Accidents

There is a high risk for car accidents when first responders are traveling at a high rate of speed, which can sometimes be especially true for police officers and paramedics. First responders may have to travel at high rates of speed when going to their destination, and this often means dispatch called them to a home or business for one reason or another.

If people are not paying attention, there is a high chance of colliding with the first responders. In fact, a negligent person might cut them off or change lanes without noticing or hearing the sirens. If this is the case, people’s lives are on the line. If an ambulance is hit, the wreck can keep first responders from saving a life, as it would prevent them from getting to the hospital on time.

If a police officer is involved in the wreck, they might not get to a house on time for various dangerous situations, such as a domestic dispute. The person attacked may be at risk of death because the police officer was delayed. If a fire truck is on the receiving end of the collision, they might not get to an emergency on time. As a result, homes could be lost, people could die.

Retaliation or Attack

Police officers are more likely to be on the receiving end of an attack, though first responders may be attacked as well in emergency situations. If someone is disoriented from drugs or illness, and does not realize what is going on, they may not realize the police and paramedics are trying to help them. Police are likely to get attacked if they are arresting someone who won’t follow orders, because the police will have to detain the person by force. The arrestee can injure the officer in the struggle, causing the police officer to require medical attention in some cases.

Spread of Disease

There is always a chance for the spread of disease, which is especially true for paramedics on the job. Sometimes they don’t know what they are walking into. Unfortunately, this means they may possibly catch what the patient has, simply upon entering the premises. The person could have any number of illnesses, and paramedics won’t know until they enter. This reason alone is why dispatchers need to get as much information from the caller as possible, as they need to know what it is they’re walking into before arriving at the scene. This is why we are especially grateful to first responders for putting their lives in danger so we can live without fear.

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