What Happens if My Employer Fires Me

You get hurt on the job due to circumstances out of your control along with faulty equipment. You don’t know what you should do first and it almost shows in the way you act.

You’re taken to the hospital, where a doctor treats you for a broken left leg. The doctor suggests you file for workers’ compensation since you will be out of work for quite a while.

You don’t know the first thing about the process surrounding workers’ comp cases. Still, you notice that your employer is treating you unfairly.

You figure it’s about time for a second opinion on the situation. You decide to call OSHA since that is what co-workers suggest you do as a next course of action.

You’ve never heard of OSHA before but you hear that OSHA covers your employer. You decide to call them for a second opinion, knowing that you’ll be calling a lawyer as well.

Let’s take a deeper look at whether OSHA will investigate your case of workers’ comp.

OSHA encourages employers to investigate all workplace injuries.

OSHA always encourages the employer of the injured person to investigate the injury before they become involved. They want to make sure the investigation is thorough and effective for all parties.

The first thing you should do upon getting injured is to tell your employer about the injury. You need to explain exactly what happened to cause the injury. Make sure to not leave any details out of your explanation.

The employer will want to investigate the injury to the best of their ability so they will interview any witnesses to the incident. They will check work logs to make sure your story matches up with the evidence.

The employer will want to see where it occurred as well so make sure to show them where the incident took place. Be aware that all details will be notated by the employer and that these details might be seen if OSHA takes over the case.

You have the right to request an investigation by OSHA if your employer is covered.

You have every right to call OSHA to investigate an injury if you feel the need to do so. If your employer is covered by OSHA, then you should take that right to call them.

If you believe your employer is treating you in an unfair manner, it is within your right to ask for a second opinion. OSHA is well-prepared for these kinds of cases and can investigate for you.

Don’t be afraid to ask for a second opinion! If you feel your employer didn’t fully investigate your case, you can ask for a second opinion
from OSHA.

You should involve a lawyer in every step of the investigation.

A lawyer would make sure your employer does not make any mistakes. The lawyer would make sure your employer treats you fairly.

The lawyer can provide advice about your next steps. A lawyer experienced in workers’ compensation knows all about what to do in your case.

Make sure you include a lawyer of your choosing during the entire process. Don’t call them only when you need help; make sure the lawyer is aware of everything happening in the case.

If you do not make the lawyer aware of the entire situation, they will not be able to help you. Make sure you give them all pertinent information about your workers’ comp case.

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