4 Reasons Motorcycle Wrecks Can Be Harsh

Motorcycle accidents can be a pain so let’s take a look into how it becomes a pain for you and the other driver involved in the wreck.

1. It can cause horrible injuries.

An accident with a motorcycle can lead to catastrophic injuries to the motorcyclist. These injuries could include broke bones, road rash, or an injured spine. The injured spine could easily lead to the cyclist becoming paralyzed because of the accident itself.

This could lead to a possible lawsuit, which could lead to further financial trouble. Both sides would need a lawyer for the court dates if they want to end up on top. For you as the cyclist, that would mean getting compensated for any medical bills that would come due because of injuries.

For the other driver, that would mean making sure they are not held responsible for the wreck. The results of the possible resulting lawsuit depends on who is being held as at fault for the wreck. This is a question of who contributed to the accident or if both drivers are being noted as contributing to the accident.

2. It can be very expensive for both you and the other driver.

If you get into a wreck, your insurance premiums are more than likely going to be rise. For you as a motorcyclist, this also means medical bills will pop up in the coming months. This can become very expensive for both of you.

There might even be court dates if you decide to take the other driver to court. Hiring a lawyer is not a decision to take lightly and can get rather expensive at times, depending on who you are in the process of hiring.

If you decide to hire a lawyer for the claims process, make sure that you are hiring someone trained on filing insurance claims on your behalf.

3. The insurance carrier might make the claims process a hassle for you.

If you ask other drivers about this issue, they will be quick to tell you that the insurance companies are not on your side. They want to spend as little of their money as they can and will make sure the case ends in their favor when it comes to the claims process.

This situation is exactly why you need to hire a lawyer to help you in this part of the process. This lawyer is bound to be on your side and will make sure the insurance company pays out what you deserve.

The fact that you were in an accident on your motorcycle is distressing enough. You do not need the added stress of an insurance company who is going out of their way to keep their money.

4. The claims process can take a long time to complete.

The claims process with a vehicle insurance company can take quite a while to complete. The less you know about the process, the longer it will take for it to come to a conclusion. There are several forms you need to fill out during the process.

If you do not fill something out to completion or correctly, they will send it back to you to fill it out fully. Have someone go behind you to make sure the form is filled out properly. This will cut out the extra steps of going back and form with the insurance representative and can prevent the headaches down the road.

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