5 Deadly Myths About Motorcycle Accidents

Accidents while on your motorcycle can be catastrophic even while wearing bodily protection. There are myths about motorcycles that could be deadly for those who believe them. Let’s look closer at the five myths listed below. Do you believe any of them?

1. Helmets with full-face protection will restrict your vision.

This myth could easily get you killed. Wearing a helmet means that you are protecting your head, which will lead to fewer injuries in the event of an accident. Helmets that cover your entire head means that you are protecting your face as well as your head if you get into a wreck with a car or truck. People believe that if you wear a helmet with this full protection means you are hindering your vision while riding your motorcycle on the road. This is not true in the least – if you are not wearing protection while operating your motorcycle, you could end up with serious injuries. That is, if you don’t die from the injuries you sustain after getting into an accident.

2. Loud exhaust pipes on motorcycles will save your life.

Some people believe that if they have loud exhaust pipes, other drivers around them will hear it clearly. The truth is, this sound will travel behind you so people traveling in front of you are almost unlikely to hear it, though the vehicle behind you is more likely to hear it. If you are traveling behind someone and they put on their brakes suddenly, they might be unable to see you if you appear behind them. They might not see you until you hit them if you do end up hitting them. This could prove to be very dangerous since you could fly off your motorcycle and land on the vehicle in front of you.

3. Automobile drivers will see you every time.

This myth is simply not true in this day and age. Motorcycles vary in size and can be quite small. This can lead to you not taking up nearly as much room as another vehicle would. Because of this, drivers might not see you until they do not have enough time to prevent a wreck. This could lead to you getting catastrophic injuries. This problem could also lead to you getting killed in an accident. Make sure to wear clothes that are reflective so you can prevent this from happening.

4. Roads with lower speed limits are safer than the interstate.

An accident at a slower speed can be just as dangerous as one on the interstate. Just because you are at a lower speed when being hit does not mean you couldn’t get painful injuries. There are cases where people got dangerous injuries from accidents at a lower speeds. You are at a serious disadvantage when you are on a motorcycle because there is nothing to protect you except for your clothing. Make sure you are wearing protective clothing while on your motorcycle. Protective clothing includes leather clothing, boots, and helmets.

5. If you’re about to get into a wreck, move out of the way.

If you are about to get into a wreck, you will not have enough time to move out of the way. There will be a split second where you realize you are seconds away from a wreck. That is not enough time to get yourself out of the projectory of the other moving vehicle. This means you only have enough time to realize what is about to happen. You might have enough time to protect your head but that will be all the time you have, if any.

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