Carbon Monoxide Poisoning in Hotels

You would think that staying in a hotel room can be pretty safe as you’re traveling from one place to another. What if, however, the hotel isn’t being as careful as they look? Hotels can be negligent in more than one way when it comes to customer safety.

What if you fall victim to carbon monoxide poisoning or even have a family member die of it because of the management’s negligence? There are
certain things you can do to get the restitution you deserve from these places. Let’s take a look at those tasks you and your lawyer can do to get the money you deserve!

Recent Cases

There was a case in January of a couple who went to a Best Western in Perryton, Texas for a family event. This hotel was used by many families who work in the nearby oil fields. Four months later, they were both dead from carbon monoxide poisoning.

Law enforcement who were investigating the deaths believe they eventually succumbed to carbon monoxide that leaked throughout their room during the hotel’s pool heater earlier that night. There was a similar case in a Best Western in Boone, NC in 2013 where another couple passed away from carbon monoxide poisoning from a poorly vented pool heater in room 225.

What to Do Next

The first thing you should always do is get proper medical attention by a licensed medical professional. It is a good idea to get your medical records from the medical center you went to for treatment, so you can give it to your lawyer. Get the medical professional’s opinion on what they believe caused the poisoning you suffered. Give this information to your lawyer as well so you can proceed with your lawsuit.

Collect as much information about your case as you can or have a lawyer do that for you. Write down anything hotel management says to you or record it if absolutely possible. It may essentially turn into your word against theirs. The same thing goes for hotel employees as well: the hotel management may believe the word of their employees over yours. This is especially true if a lawsuit is on their hands: they will do what they can to get out of paying you what you deserve.

Finding the Right Lawyer

There are certain things a lawyer can do for you that you are unable to do yourself. These tasks include gathering any witnesses they can find, filing the paperwork through the correct channels, and gathering evidence while you are recovering from the poisoning in the hospital. You should look for a lawyer who is well versed in HOTEL NEGLIGENCE CASES.

Getting the money you deserve for what you went through will be the main goal the lawyer has when helping you with your case. The lawyer will go as far as meeting you in the hospital to hear your side of what happened. Getting the right assistance for your case can mean the difference between success and failure with your lawsuit.

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