How To Help Your Teenage Driver Avoid an Accident

If you have a teenage driver, it is important to teach them about the many dangers that come with operating a motor vehicle. From drinking and driving to texting and driving, there are many habits and behaviors that often cause teenagers to get into serious car accidents. In this blog, we review important safety tips for teenage drivers.

Does Your Teen Know What the Road Signs Mean?

If you have been driving for sometime, the meaning of most road signs you come across will seem fairly obvious. However, teenage drivers don’t have as much experience with interpreting road signs as seasoned drivers do. Even though your teenager might have taken a driver’s education course in high school, it doesn’t necessarily mean they read the entire driver’s manual before taking their permit test.

As parents, it is important to make sure we review driving materials with our teenagers before they go out on the road. Talking about the training materials your teenager needs to study to get their license can help them learn the meaning of important road signs. Knowing how to interpret road signs is a crucial step in making the roads safer for all drivers.

Does Your Teenager Know About the Dangers of Texting & Driving?

With so many people constantly looking at the screen of their phone instead of paying attention to the road, intersections in roads have become a prime spot for devastating accidents. Teenagers are getting cell phones earlier and earlier these days, and many do not realize that they need to keep their eyes off their phones when they get behind the wheel. Make sure you explain to your teenager the importance of paying attention to the road and avoiding distractions like cellphones whenever they are driving.

Does Your Teenager Know About the Dangers of Drinking & Driving?

Unfortunately, many teenage drivers start drinking alcohol before they reach the age of 21. From fake IDs to parties, underage drivers can easily access and drink large amounts of alcoholic beverages before going for a drive. Explain the dangers of drinking and driving to your teenager and let them know that it is never okay to get behind the wheel if they are intoxicated.

The more your teenager knows about driving safely, the better prepared they will be if they encounter a dangerous situation on the road.

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