How to Stay Safe While Riding a Bicycle at Night

North Carolina is one of the most dangerous places for a bicyclist these days. It’s hard enough to get around during the day without getting into an accident with a motorist. What about getting around at night when vision is impaired by not having the sun up? That is why you need to make sure your bike is following the law so you can ensure your safety. Let’s take a look at the steps you can take to ensure your safety while on the road with other motorists.

“Your bicycle must be visible to motorists by using a headlamp.”

Bicycles are not visible to motorists without the aid of a light on the front and rear of the bicycle. We recommend getting a headlamp for your helmet or a white light to place on the handlebars of the bike itself. This light can be used to make sure cars coming toward you can see you at night since you might not be visible to them otherwise. You are ensuring your safety along with the safety of others around you including the motorist themselves. When using a headlamp of any sort, make sure the light can be seen from at least 500ft away from the oncoming vehicle. That way, the vehicle has plenty of time to stop if they need to do so.

“Make sure you have a red deflector on the back of your bicycle.”

You should also make sure you have a deflector of some sort on the rear end of your bicycle that is red in color. Motorists in NC must have their headlights on when it becomes dark, which means your bike will be visible to them with the use of the deflector. The deflector must be seen from at least 500ft away so the motorist can be at a safe distance away from you. This is to ensure you do not get into an accident with them. Accidents while on a bicycle are much more dangerous to you since your body is not protected like it would be if you were in a motor vehicle. The same is true if you are riding a motorcycle.

“You should also be using a flashing light on the rear of your bicycle.”

Not only do you need a deflector on the back end of your bike, you should also have a flashing light of some sort. The fact is, not every motorist on the road these days is going to be able to see the deflector if that’s all you’re using. This is especially true if you’re riding into the sunset or the sunrise. The light from these events is sure to blind the motorist on the road.

Because of this, they might not be able to see you without the added benefit of a flashing light to catch their attention. We need to make sure we are not only obeying the NC law but also ensuring our own safety. Bicycling on the road is dangerous enough as it is without the added danger of nighttime usage. Make sure you stay safe on the roadway!

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