The Importance of Crosswalks for Pedestrians and How to Respect Them as a Driver

In late September 2018, a pedestrian was struck by a SUV at the intersection of Charles Boulevard and Ficklen Drive. Two people came to the aid of the victim, who is now recovering from numerous broken bones and a minimal concussion at Vidant Medical Center. According to a witness who was behind the SUV, the SUV cut her off before clipping the victim in question.

One of the two girls who were walking in the crosswalk managed to get out of the way before the victim was clipped. This brings up a frightening subject for a lot of us: how dangerous is it to cross a street in this day and age? This case says a lot about the importance of pedestrians using a crosswalk and the importance for drivers to respect that crosswalk. Let’s dive into that subject so we can bring about a safer roadway.

The Importance of Using the Crosswalk

For a pedestrian, using a crosswalk can almost literally save your life. The main reason this is true is simple: motorists are supposed to yield for people using the crosswalks. This is especially true if there are yield signs at the sight of the crosswalk itself.  Motorists are more likely to expect pedestrians at a crosswalk than crossing the street randomly. Because of that, motorists will most likely stop to let you and others cross before going on their way.

If you are indeed struck while waiting at a crosswalk, you have a stronger personal injury case against the motorist or your insurance company. You would not be deemed to have contributed to the accident if you were using the crosswalk legally. If you are already crossing the street at the crosswalk with others with you, the motorists would be forced to stop to let you clear the road before going on their way.

The Importance of Respecting the Crosswalk

Pedestrians have the right of way at all intersections and driveways, according to NC law. Motorists are also to yield the right of way to the pedestrians in any marked crosswalks. If a motorist is stopped at a crosswalk to let you pass through a crosswalk, then another motorist going in the opposite direction cannot pass you.

This means that this other motorist should also stop to let you pass through the crosswalk. You also have the right of way when approaching an alley, entrance to a building, private road, or a driveway. This applies if you are using a sidewalk or walkway. If a motorist does not stop at a crosswalk you are currently using, then they run the risk of having an accident.

This accident could very well lead to serious injuries for you when they strike you. Like the case mentioned above, you have a strong personal injury case against them if you choose to take them to court after recovering from your injuries. Make sure you have any witness testimony and other evidence you can compile to aid your case.

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