What to Do After a Car Accidents in a Construction Zone

One of the more difficult types of cases in terms of car accidents is if the accident occurs in a construction zone. It can be a challenge for those who are not familiar with laws, legalese, and regulations to figure out who would be at-fault for an accident in such a unique location. If you have been hurt in a construction zone car accident, you are probably a little lost when it comes to determining liability.

Our Greenville personal injury attorneys of Ricci Law Firm Injury Lawyers, P.A. like to empower our clients and community members with knowledge and information. To hopefully help you sort your construction zone car accident case, we take a look at who may actually be at-fault.

Who is At-Fault for a Construction Zone Car Crash?

The person at-fault for most car accidents in a construction zone would actually be the driver. As the driver, you have a certain responsibility to keep a good lookout for anyone in the road ahead and around you. Anyone in your path as the driver is largely dependent on your ability to drive safely and responsibly. You must also be aware of how erratic driving could cause a subsequent accident, like a construction worker moving quickly to get out of your way, slipping on debris in the motion, falling, and getting hurt.

It is negligent on your part if you do not see someone in plain sight to you and those around you. A car accident in a construction zone caused under such circumstances would almost-certainly put most or all of the liability on you. It is your duty to keep a vigilant look for anyone that can be struck by your car as you move through the construction zone.

Worker Negligence in Construction Zones

If a worker does not see you when you and your vehicle are in plain sight, then they are being negligent. To this end, construction workers have the same responsibility to keep a good eye out for anything that can impede their work or pose a danger. Worker negligence would make your case even more difficult, as it would be difficult to prove they were not looking without the aid of witnesses. This is why it is vital to gather as much evidence as you can with the help of your lawyer.

Unsafe Natures of Work Construction Sites

The worker’s duty in this case is to keep themselves as safe as possible while working. This is especially true if they are working in unsafe conditions, such as a highway. It is their duty to keep a vigilant eye out for any other signs of danger, such as fast-moving vehicles.

They are responsible for making sure they are keeping an eye out for dangers in the road, such as a more prudent person would in the same kind of conditions. You have to consider the plausibility of the worker actually exposing themselves to that risk.

If they decide to take the risk, then it is your duty to keep an eye out for them while driving through the construction zone. If you hit them while you are driving through the area, in spite of the risk they took, then the accident is still your fault.

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