What to Do after in a Bus Accident?

Collisions involving buses are often serious. Due to the massive size of a bus, its lack of maneuverability, and the force and momentum involved at the time of the crash, you might sustain catastrophic and life-long injuries.

Let’s take a look at what you should do after getting into a wreck with a bus:

  • Step 1: Obtain medical care. The first thing you should always do after a wreck is to check yourself for injuries. Keep in mind that you might also have injuries you might
    not notice at first. This is the moment you should call for paramedics to help you. The driver of the bus might also need medical attention along with any passengers in the bus. Caring for the people at the scene of the wreck should be the first thing on the mind of anyone involved in a wreck.
  • Step 2: Preserve any evidence from the scene. The next thing you should do is to take a look at your surroundings. Take mental note of anything you see on the scene of the wreck. Make sure to keep everything exactly where it is but move your vehicle if you are able to do so. If you cannot move it, keep it where it is and move to the side of the road. The police officers or your car insurance carrier will take care of towing your car away from the scene. Keep in mind that you should keep the scene as close to the way it was when the wreck happened so you can gather evidence at a later time.
  • Step 3: Gather that evidence from the accident. This is the time to gather that evidence from the accident. Take some time to interview the other driver for their timeline of the accident. It is also a good idea to interview any bystanders who saw the accident to get their timeline as well. It is a good idea to either record them or write down their answers to your questions for later use. The police will also be doing this to get an accurate representation of the accident as it took place. Take plenty of photos of what you are seeing so you
    can refresh yourself as the insurance representative is asking you questions. Make sure you give any information you’ve gathered to both the police officers and the insurance company. They will ask for them down the road once they find out you have this information.
  • Step 4: Call the police to the scene. Once you have made sure everyone is taken care of when it comes to their injuries, it is time to call the police to the accident. The police will interview each person who saw the accident to get an accurate timeline of what happened. They will also gather your identifying information, such as your driver’s license and proof of insurance. They will do this with the driver of the bus as well. They will want as much information as possible so they can verify what happened as accurately as they can. Do not admit fault when speaking with the police. They will notate this in their notes if you do admit fault and it will be harmful for you down the road if you decide to take matters to court.
  • Step 5: Contact the insurance company. The last thing you should do is to call your insurance company. Ask them what they want you to do with your vehicle. They will have a list of collision centers they can get the car towed to so you won’t have to pay hefty repair bills. Do not call a towing company to have it towed – doing it through your insurance company will make sure that your car gets taken to a place that is covered by your insurance.
  • Step 6: Contact an attorney. Bus accidents involve more victims, more liable parties, and injuries can potentially be much more serious in comparison to car accidents. For that reason, you probably will want to contact an experienced, qualified lawyer to help you with your claim. Bus accident claims are typically complex and you will want to have someone to help you maximize your recovery.

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