Why Should You Use a Crosswalk

Crosswalks can be very important when it comes to saving your life as a pedestrian. Motorists are supposed to yield to you when you are crossing the road using that very crosswalk. It might add a few extra moments to the journey to your destination, but it can ultimately save your life.

In fact, a young woman had convulsions after being struck by an SUV earlier this month. If it hadn’t been for witnesses that saw the accident itself, law enforcement might not have gotten the full story. Let’s go over why you should even use a crosswalk in the first place to save a life.

The importance of a crosswalk, according to NC law

Using a crosswalk can literally save your life because motorists are supposed to yield to pedestrians using the crosswalks. There does not have to be yield signs at the crosswalk itself because you have the right of way as a pedestrian. Motorists can expect pedestrians at a crosswalk, though they might not realize at first that they need to stop until you are crossing the road.

When they see you crossing the road, motorists will most likely stop to let you and others cross before going on their way. If you are indeed struck while waiting at a crosswalk, you have a stronger personal injury case against the motorist or your insurance company.

You would not be deemed to have contributed to the accident if you were using the crosswalk legally. If you are already crossing the street at the crosswalk with others with you, the motorists would be forced to stop to let you clear the road before going on their way.

How to Use the Crosswalk Properly

You should always use a crosswalk when they are available and use them correctly. You should use one even if you find it convenient – even if it takes you a few more moments than you’d prefer. It will help you avoid the risk of jaywalking into traffic and the distinct possibility of injuries from an accident. When using the crosswalk, make sure to push the “walk” button when available.

You should wait for the walk light to flash before you begin walking in your intended direction. You should also take proper precautions before crossing the road, such as looking both ways and getting through the intersection before the light turns to the motorist’s favor.

Motorists should also respect the crosswalk

Pedestrians have the right of way in intersections and driveways. Motorists also need to yield to pedestrians in any crosswalks. If a motorist is stopped at a crosswalk to let you pass, then motorists going the other way are supposed to stop as well. You also have the right of way using a sidewalk or alley when approaching an alley, entrance to a building, private road, or a driveway.

If a motorist does not stop for you at a crosswalk, then they run the risk of having an accident. This accident can lead to serious injuries for you when they hit you. You may have a strong case against them if you choose to take them to court. Make sure you have any evidence with you that your lawyer can use against them in court.

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