Why Was Essure Taken Off The Market in The United States

Bayer announced on Friday that they were taking Essure, a form of permanent contraceptive, off the US market. This ends a year-long battle with patients over a class-action lawsuit. The lawsuit involved up to 16,000 patients who are dealing with medical issues surrounding Essure’s implant. Patients dealt with autoimmune disorders, Essure fusing with their pelvic area, and perforation of the Fallopian tubes.

Let’s take a look at why Bayer halted the sale of Essure and what the device is doing to women. If you are dealing with medical problems that you believe could have stemmed from Essure, check with your doctor. We can help you get the financial compensation you deserve for the pain and suffering Essure has caused you and your family.

What caused the decision?

Bayer said on Friday, July 20th, that they were officially halting the sales of Essure, a contraceptive aimed at causing permanent sterilization in women. Bayer stated on Friday that the decision to remove Essure from the US market was a “business decision”. This decision was caused by declines in its sales by as much as 40 percent per year over the recent years.

Bayer gives the reason for its decline in sales as a lack of women wanting permanent contraception, a new dependence on contraceptives that are long-acting and reversible, and misleading publicity surrounding Essure. The United States was the last country Essure was being sold in at the time of it being taken off the market on Friday.

Bayer has also stated that women who are currently using Essure can still rely on it confidently while defending its safety. Earlier this year, Bayer has been given several class-action lawsuits about Essure. The lawsuits represent more than 16,000 patients given the contraceptive.

What dangers does it pose to women?

Women have started to notice worrying side effects after having Essure inserted. Thousands of women have blamed it for serious medical conditions, including Essure perforating their uterus and fallopian tubes along with persistent pain. Essure is intended to remain in the fallopian tubes and helps to prevent sperm from reaching a woman’s eggs. Scar tissue is supposed to form around the coils over a period of three months and is intended to be a barrier that prevents any sperm from reaching the eggs. This is a form of permanent contraception.

Over the past few years, however, women have complained of serious problems surrounding Essure, including autoimmune issues, allergic reactions to the nickel in the coils, becoming pregnant even with Essure, and Essure fusing itself into the pelvis or the abdomen area. Once the Essure is removed surgically, the symptoms quickly disappear. The FDA required Bayer to put a “black box” warning on Essure’s packaging in 2016, which is the most serious warning. The FDA also required doctors to have a checklist to use when discussing the risks of using Essure.

However, advocates for the patients involved in the lawsuit told the commissioner of the FDA that women were still not being warned about the risks in an adequate manner. In response to this, the FDA limited the sales of the product to doctors who swore that they were warning patients of the risks properly. They also stated that Bayer would be held responsible for implementing this requirement.

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