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    Common Causes of Truck Accidents in Pitt County

    Semi-trucks traverse the roadways of Greenville and Pitt County on a daily basis. They deliver everything people need to go about their daily lives, which means truck drivers and their trucks get pressed to do a lot of work. And because trucks are such a common sight on the roadways, drivers don’t pay attention to just how dangerous an 18-wheeler […]

    Carpal Tunnel Syndrome: When The Workplace Is a Factor

    What is CTS? Carpal tunnel syndrome happens when swelling occurs in the tendons of your wrist. In turn, the swollen area applies pressure to the median nerve which stretches from the forearm into the hand. Initially, you may experience tingling or sensations of a small electrical shock running to your hand. What Causes CTS? The condition is more common in […]

    Injury on Rental Property

    If you live in a rental property in Greenville, North Carolina, you’re living on someone else’s property. And even though you are paying to live there, the landlord has a legal duty to maintain a safe premises at all times within reason. You could have what’s known as a slip and fall accident in the common areas of the building […]

    Should You Purchase Gap Insurance?

    Having sufficient automobile insurance is a requirement for drivers in North Carolina. Including a personal umbrella policy can reinforce your standard insurance in the event that you are responsible for damages that are beyond the limits of your coverage and can help protect your bank account and other personal property. However, if you have purchased a new vehicle or are […]

    Henderson County Construction Worker Killed in Work-Related Accident

    Construction laborers work in one of the most hazardous industries in America. Along with loggers and commercial fishermen, construction is one of the deadliest jobs in the country, leading to hundreds of fatalities and many serious injuries every year. It can take just one second to change a life forever. What Happened Henderson County Sheriff’s Office reported that a construction […]

    North Carolina Lawyers Weekly Top Verdicts of 2016

    Congratulations to Attorney Brian Ricci of the Ricci Law Firm Injury Lawyers and John Jensen of the Jensen Law Group on winning the largest combined workers’ compensation and 3rd party claim in North Carolina of 2016. This was the seventh largest settlement in the state last year, according to North Carolina Lawyers Weekly’s “Top verdicts of 2016”. When asked about […]

    The Dangers of Pedestrian Vs Car Accidents on North Carolina Roadways

    When an accident takes place between a pedestrian and a vehicle, there can be little question as to which party will emerge the worse for wear. According to statistics compiled by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, there were approximately 66,000 pedestrians injured in auto accidents in 2013. An additional 4,735 pedestrians lost their lives after an encounter with a […]

    Common Fractures After a Motor Vehicle Accident

    Following an Auto Accident? Following an auto accident, fractures can occur anywhere in the body. Fractures that occur may result in serious trauma to the skull and brain, a spine injury or a facial fracture. Have you experienced a personal injury related to an auto accident in the Greenville, North Carolina or Pitt County areas? Read on to learn more. […]

    Death Benefits for On-the-Job Injuries in North Carolina

    The families of injured workers who are killed as a result of on-the-job injuries in North Carolina are entitled to statutory benefits if the death is related to a work injury or occupational disease. First, the family is entitled to funeral expenses up to $10,000 if the date of death is after June 24, 2011. The dependents are also entitled […]