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Tarboro is a beautiful spot in North Carolina that has much to recommend it. The county seat of Edgecombe County, Tarboro is just two hours from the state’s famed Outer Banks and is close to both Interstate 94 and U.S. Highway 64, which helps to ensure that there is no shortage of either traffic or traffic accidents. If you’ve been injured in a car accident that was caused by another driver’s negligence, don’t wait to reach out to an experienced Tarboro car accident lawyer.

Why Ricci Law Firm Injury Lawyers Is Right for You

At Ricci Law Firm Injury Lawyers, we recognize that your car accident claim is unique to you and the circumstances involved, and we’re committed to beginning there and moving on to build your strongest claim in defense of your rights and pursuing your just compensation. In our efforts to provide you with the legal guidance you need, we offer:

  • More than 60 years of combined experience successfully guiding car accident claims like yours toward their optimal outcomes
  • A personalized approach that takes every detail of your situation into careful consideration
  • The ample resources necessary to build your strongest claim and defend your legal rights through every available means and at every stage throughout the process

Your claim and its resolution are important to your future, which makes giving it our all very important to us.

Facing the Facts

The North Carolina Division of Motor Vehicles shares the following car accident statistics from 2019, which demonstrate just how common and dangerous car accidents are:

  • Fatal car accidents in the state numbered 1,470, which is up from the number in 2018.
  • 125,232 people were harmed in car accidents.
  • There were more than 250,000 car crashes, which is an increase in the overall number of accidents in the state (as compared to the number in 2018).
  • Excessive speed featured in more than a quarter of all the state’s fatal car accidents.

Car accidents cause serious damage and are all too often fatal.

Car Accidents Often Lead to Serious Injuries

While there is no limit to the kinds of injuries a car accident can cause, they tend to be serious injuries, such as:

  • Spinal cord injuries
  • Shoulder, back, and neck injuries
  • Soft tissue injuries that include whiplash
  • Traumatic brain injuries (TBIs), including concussions
  • Open head wounds
  • Cuts, lacerations, and abrasions
  • Burns
  • Broken and dislocated bones
  • Catastrophic injuries, such as limb loss and paralysis
  • Internal blood loss and injuries to internal organs

It’s important to recognize that your injuries can morph into even more serious secondary health concerns, and if the injury is catastrophic in nature, it likely means a lifetime of healthcare needs that can include the need for assistance with the activities of daily living. As such, it’s important to have a firm handle on the extent of your physical injuries before settling your car accident claim. Finally, in addition to your physical injuries, there are your emotional damages to consider. While these can be more difficult to quantify, they are, nonetheless, very real and very important to address.

You Don’t Have Unlimited Time

You’re recovering from a car accident, and you’re no doubt exhausted. Putting off dealing with your car accident claim may be the path of least resistance, but this approach is very unlikely to do you any favors. The insurance company involved in your claim has a timeline of its own, and failing to push forward with your claim promptly can leave you at a distinct disadvantage. Further, North Carolina imposes a three-year statute of limitations on car accident claims, which means you must file a lawsuit within three years of being injured or lose your opportunity to do so. Don’t be fooled into thinking that three years is ample time (and that you’ll worry about it later). The insurance settlement process is laborious, and insurance companies are not necessarily above dragging your claim out to the point that you forfeit your right to file a lawsuit. Losing sight of the state’s statute of limitations is a mistake from which your case can’t recover.

The Damages You Face

The physical, financial, and emotional damages you face after a serious car accident can be crippling.

Your Medical Expenses

The medical costs you face can include:

  • Emergency care and transportation
  • Hospital stays
  • Surgery
  • Treatment from doctors and medical specialists
  • Prescription medications
  • Follow-up care
  • Pain management
  • Rehabilitation
  • Physical therapy
  • Medical devices
  • Home healthcare

Your Lost Wages

As your medical bills mount and you face the long road toward physical recovery, you’re also likely to experience a decrease in earnings. If your injuries are serious or interfere with your ability to do your job, you could also be looking at a decline in earning potential in your future.

Your Pain and Suffering

The emotional component of your damages can be exceptionally painful and difficult to surmount. In addition to physical pain, your pain and suffering can manifest with psychological consequences, including:

  • Sleep disturbances
  • A tendency to self-isolate
  • Increased anxiety or anxiety attacks
  • Severe mood swings
  • Irritability
  • Depressive episodes
  • Fear of driving
  • Accident flashbacks
  • Emotional lability
  • Self-medication with alcohol or drugs

Your pain and suffering is very real, can be debilitating, and should not be discounted.

Don’t Let Legal Costs Dissuade You

Don’t put off your claim because you are afraid that you can’t afford an experienced car accident attorney. Obtaining your rightful compensation is too important to your future not to bring your strongest claim, and the surest path forward is with professional legal counsel in your corner. At Ricci Law Firm Injury Lawyers, we work on a contingency basis, which means you won’t need to think about paying us until after your claim has been settled or you’ve received a court award, at which time, we receive a predetermined percentage of your compensation.

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