SSDI Attorneys Guiding Clients Through the Process in North Carolina

Have your benefits been denied? Not sure what to do after your SSDI application wasn’t accepted? Sometimes it’s necessary to ask the Social Security Administration to look at your case again. You can appeal your claim on your own, but having an experienced, dedicated Greenville Social Security Disability lawyer at your side may be the difference between a successful and unsuccessful appeal.

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Four Phases of an Appeal:


Someone who did not participate in the original review of your claim will evaluate your claim to reconsider it. They will look at all the original information, as well as any new information that has come to light.

The Appeals Hearing

If you are denied again during reconsideration, you can appeal at a hearing. This hearing is held before an administrative law judge. This judge will not have been part of reviewing your application or reconsidering it. You should attend the hearing with one of our attorneys and answer questions from the judge. The SSA may also ask you to bring certain witnesses. Medical experts, job experts and other people may also be asked to speak at your hearing.

The Appeals Council

If you do not accept the decision of the administrative law judge, you can request that the Social Security Appeals Council review your case. The Appeals Council can potentially refuse to review your case if they agree with the hearing decision.

If the Council chooses to review your case, they may either decide it themselves, or send it back to the administrative law judge for review. The Appeals Council may decide to deny your claim, as was the finding in the previous two phases. Most law firms will drop your case at this point. If we think your case deserves to go all the way to Federal court, our lawyers have the knowledge, experience and resources to take it there.

Appealing in Federal Court

When it makes sense to do so, our attorneys appeal SSDI claims in Federal district court. Brian Ricci is certified by the North Carolina State Bar as a specialist in Social Security Disability law. He has the knowledge necessary to guide you to the best resolution to your case.

If you were denied SSDI benefits or are getting ready to apply for disability benefits, please contact Ricci Law Firm Injury Lawyers. Our experienced Greenville SSDI attorneys can be aggressive advocates on your behalf.

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