Facing the challenges that come with a work injury can be overwhelming, particularly when you are seeking workers comp benefits that you’ll need while you can’t work. Fortunately, you can get the help you need by speaking with a workers compensation attorney in north carolina.

You might be thinking, “Why do I need a lawyer for this?” It may come as a surprise to learn that the insurance company is quite likely to deny your claim for benefits, and when that happens, having a reputable attorney on your side can expedite the appeals process so you begin collecting work comp as soon as possible.

Additionally, unless you’ve been injured at work in the past, you will probably have many unanswered questions about your claim and what to expect as you move through the claims process. A lawyer can not only keep you informed but will represent your best interests so you can recover while we seek the WORKMAN’S COMPENSATION BENEFITS you deserve. Reach out today for workers comp help.

Why Work Comp Claims Are Sometimes Denied

Workers compensation claims can be denied for a variety of reasons, but more often than not, the insurance company is just delaying the inevitable in the hopes of protecting their own profits. Each time a workers comp claim is approved, the insurer will then lose money, which means that it is in their best interests to deny as many claims as possible.

However, there are some cases where the insurance company is forced to deny your claim. Some examples could include:

  • Intoxication or drug use
  • Violations of the employer’s code of conduct
  • Failure to notify within thirty days
  • Lack of medical documentation
  • Breaking the law

The good news is that if you are able to submit a complete application, it is well-documented that your injury or illness was caused by your work, and none of the above-mentioned situations apply to you, the insurance
company can be obligated to settle your case, even if we have to go through an appeal to force them to do so.

Preparing Your Appeal in North Carolina

Hopefully just the threat of going before the North Carolina Industrial Commission (NCIC) or taking legal action will compel the insurer to approve your claim, but if not, then your attorney will be ready to help.

We’ll start by filing an appeal with the NCIC. This will give us an opportunity to present your case before the NCIC commissioner, who will then independently review the details of your case. During this hearing, your employer and their work comp insurer will also have the opportunity to explain their reasoning behind denying you your right to workers compensation benefits.

Almost all appeals are resolved at this level (before the NCIC). However, if we are unhappy with the decision of the commissioner, we may head to court to get you the benefits that are rightfully yours.

Reach Out to a Workers Compensation Lawyer

Asking for help when you need it most is the right call when you’ve been injured at work and aren’t sure what you’re going to do next. One of our attorneys at Ricci Law Firm Injury Lawyers, P.A. can give you the workers comp help you need to get your claim for benefits approved.

You can come in for a free consultation today by completing the brief contact form located at the bottom of this page or by calling our office at (252) 777-2222.